Turning 30 after TDOR. So, hey, made it that far, didn't I

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Y a des gens sur Paris, qui pourrait m'héberger pour la première semaine de décembre ?

(boost appréciés)

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Today’s card is the Four of Swords, wishing you rest from the struggle today

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grumpy, academic publishing 

How can I be a scientist if I HATE writing papers (not writing, but papers) and journals and our whole knowledge dissemination system?

research status: relentlessly questing for validitudinality

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validitudinal (adj)
of or relating to the quality of being valid

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Received a dissertation draft named FINAL DRAFT. That's a bold statement, it would be pity if you... received some comments.

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Swoletariat? Yes you could say i'm a member of the workout class. 💪 ✌️

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Can you suggest any key authors in the care and maintenance of household technologies?

I'm thinking stuff like solar panels, appliances, cars, gardens etc

@agafnd the frightful hobgoblin of communism sounds rad, I'll be sure to leave out offerings of bread & beer for them 👌 @nonphatic

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@nonphatic apparently the first english translation, by Helen Macfarlane, read "a frightful hobgoblin stalks throughout Europe"

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There is a ghost haunting the— there is a spectre haunting the— A spectre is ghosting the— Europe is haunted by a— anyway it's communism time


@lilov sounds like an exquisite concoction!! double, double toil & trouble 🔥

happier news (since i'm oversharing anyway) 

on the bright side! i'm looking forward to NOT signing up again for that gig at the end of the month. I got hired as a temp worker in multimedia libraries :)

also it looks like i'm about to get an internship in a research centre?! and my teacher wants that to lead to an actual publication :BlobCatSurprised:

life is rocky rn but it will be alright (inchallah)

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who knows how much surplus value I'm feeding the bosses each day (along with sacrificing my time and energy doing dead labour).

great opportunity to reflect on alienation, tho

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work, numbers 

so these days i'm doing shipping work for an e-commerce startup re-selling sneakers. I handle around 400 pairs a day, with a range of prices from around 150€ to a staggering 14500€. When I asked, a coworker estimated the production cost of a pair to around 20€.

according to someone I overheard from my manager's videocall, as of last week the company achieved a turnover of 1 million.

i'm always uneasy with numbers but i find those particularly difficult to parse

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