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I'm a historian of Atlantic World history (1500-1800), with an interest in interactions/processes involving Indigenous peoples and ppls of African descent.

I teach at Bryn Mawr College + live in Philadelphia.

If Twitter is a predicter of what I'll do here, I will be tooting about teaching, research/writing, my 3 kitties, the arts, tech, politics, and the 'Morse'-universe ('Morse,' 'Lewis,' and 'Endeavour.') :p

Don't accuse me of Lollygagging when clearly I am dilly dallying.

A while ago I did some #StarTrek inspired glyph head design ideas- first up a Talosian from the TOS pilot! check out the rest over at my Patreon :patreon: and Ko-fi :ko_fi: (available for “Sketchbook” backers and above)


Analysis of 25K perf reviews finds women are 7x more likely to be described as 'opinionated'; 11x for 'abrasive' & they receive 22% more feedback about personality. Men are 3x more likely to be described as 'confident'; 3.7x for 'ambitious'.

'An Ear To Lend'

Sometimes I hear her voice
with all its own distortions;
the nakedness of her anger
that birthed its own static.

Why can't you try harder
you stupid, lazy fucker...
Why can't you be perfect?

The sound and the fury...
My ears, so well boxed
I was not smarter,
but bleeding; begging
gut heaving
trying to carve a reprieve.

Tinnitus was the bees in her mouth,
waiting for her arm to weary.

#poetry #TashPoetry #writing

Police in Idaho arrested 31 people who had face coverings, white-supremacist insignia, shields and an “operations plan” to riot near an LGBTQ Pride event on Saturday afternoon. Police said they were affiliated with Patriot Front, a white-supremacist group whose founder was among those arrested.

#pride #farRight #violence

Logical Maddie: We can’t keep her and she needs a forever home.
Emotional Maddie: Must protecc, she is smol and sweet. She isn’t going anywhere.

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon

racism/uk higher education/shared link 

Sharing link to article in the journal "Studies in Technology Enhanced Learning " titled "Surviving institutional racism as a Chinese female in UK higher education"

cannot get over that Germans call gloves hand-shoes

🔖In and Against Eco-Apocalypse: On the Terrestrial Ecotopianism of Radical Environmental Activists

> This article draws on utopian and posthumanist theory in order to critically assess the contemporary resurgence of green utopianism in the form of contemporary radical environmental activists (REAs) mobilizing against the socioecological perturbations of the Anthropocene...

> REAs exhibit a distinctively earthbound or terrestrial ecotopianism that disavows future-oriented modalities of hope and closure around particular notions of the “good” in light of the intrusion of ecological decline into the present, instead emphasizing the need to disrupt the present and live better alternatives in the here and now. The article concludes with reflections on the value of some closure for necessary socioecological transformations, and on what REA ecotopianism suggests about the potential for posthuman utopian modalities that decenter the human in their projections of more livable worlds

Masto, meet Hooch & Bandit. Both rescues. Hooch is an old/lazy mastiff X, Bandit is 3/4ths mastiff 1/4 Lab, and *all* appetite. Both ~65kg

#mastodogs #fatbastards

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