The guy who made the Tom Cruise deepfake is now running a startup, offering quotes "AI generated content & web3 infrastructure to create a hyperreal metaverse owned by users"

According to Fineman, the scenes are real (taken after the fact), and the photographer used actors to portray scenes, before pasting stock photographs of key protagonists on the actors' faces

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I've been reading about the history of photographic manipulation, and it really is plus ca change. These are photographic collages from 1871 made by Ernest Eugène Appert purporting to show atrocities inside the Paris commune. (From Mia Fineman's book Faking it 2012)

Ok, gonna try to use this instead of twitter. Sociolinguistics question: vowel shifts! This is possibly a obvious question - there are some examples where vowel shifts seem to have social causes (northern cities shift), but are there any that just look random, or a general trend to shift which doesn't have a social cause?

I've deliberately always stayed away from anything about freeze peach in this project, because it's just not that interesting, but hey.

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Here's a thing I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the social epistemology of social media, and some of its (less obvious) political dimensions

I'm Josh Habgood-Coote, I'm a philosopher employed at the University of Leeds.

I think about things roughly at the intersection of epistemology, phil lang, and phil mind. I've written about knowing-how, collective inquiry, and I'm getting into philosophy of technology.

I spend too much time running, and I try to do some writing which people who aren't philosophers might enjoy reading.

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