Hi! I'm J.T./Taylor, I'm from the north of England, and I'm an undergrad final year student.
I'm broadly interested in queer embodiment. My dissertation is about how violence/weaponry facilitates male homosociality/homoeroticism within crime TV. I've also completed funded research into trans representation in MPreg fan-fiction.
I love bullet journaling, so if you choose to follow me you might see the spreads I make to procrastinate on my actual degree work!

@inglorioustimes That all sounds super fascinating! I am a gender studies major so i have some background with this sort of discussion. If you'd like to take about your points with someone I would love to be of assistance.

@derflauschigstefuchs great to meet you! That sounds fab honestly, and likewise - gender studies solidarity! :) I'd love to hear more about your interests in the field!

@inglorioustimes Ooh, interests in the field. That's always a big question. Well, I came to gender studies originally from a combined media/communications and
lgbtq activism background, since I was trained in video production and worked with an activist group for several years. Because of that I'm really interested in using theory to make people's everyday lives better, especially through the use of media as a public education tool. I know that's vague, but those are the main ideas at least!

@derflauschigstefuchs oh wow, that sounds amazing! Making theory accessible on public platforms is honestly such an important and useful thing.

@inglorioustimes What led you to your particular research topics? Fan fiction and crime TV are both really interesting choices.

@derflauschigstefuchs honestly, in both cases it was through fandom haha! I definitely think there's a lot to learn from fandom approaches to gender/sexuality; I'm very interested in seeing where fan works and academic queer criticism converge/diverge. I'd participated in a few crime thriller fandoms before thinking about those texts academically so for me it was definitely a case of those ideas first being introduced to me via fandom!

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