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Bristol academic cracks Voynich code, solving century-old mystery of medieval text -

"In his peer-reviewed paper, The Language and Writing System of MS408 (Voynich) Explained, published in the journal Romance Studies, Cheshire describes how he successfully deciphered the manuscript's codex and, at the same time, revealed the only known example of proto-Romance language."

Beautiful Science art competition

"Que vous soyez scientifique en herbe ou prix Nobel, si vous aimez la science, qu'elle vous inspire, vous fait rêver : montrez-nous ses merveilles!"

Note to self:
ラマン分光法 not ラーメン分光法 🍜

Update on the tactile black hole image:

I have now made available the printable files for prototype number 2:
This will also be the location for future updates.

Details are there, but it should be possible to print the object on most plastic-extrusion 3D printers.

There are a number of other 3D-printable scientific visualizations (and other things) available from that same location.

A different view of the M87 black hole image.

I know posting a picture of the tactile black hole doesn't help its intended audience, but if you're interested in one please get in touch. Print-it-yourself files will come when the design is more final.


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Sorry, this is a total tangent, but a friend did some cool work with atomic force microscopy - molecules that looked just like DFT predicted - so I printed him up some of his data. It's fun visualizing actual data!

This will be the sixth time we have reanalysed the data, and we have become exceedingly efficient at it.

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Anyway, I’ve joined the Massive Science Consortium to work on improving my science communication and maybe even get paid to do so!

If you are also interested in working on sci comm, or maybe just interested in reading some science stories, here’s a link to learn about Massive Science:

(Not an ad, I’m not getting paid yet but this is definitely something I believe in)

"It was a game. A very interesting game one could play. Whenever one solved one of the little problems, one could write a paper about it. It was very easy in those days for any second rate physicist to do first-rate work. There has not been such a glorious time since. It is very difficult now for a first-rate physicist to do second-rate work."

– Paul Dirac, on the early days of quantum mechanics

TFW you realise you did a whole bunch of calculations on the wrong isomer.

One very bad thing about scientific papers being behind paywalls is that (competing) pseudoscience isn’t behind paywalls, so it’s easier to find misinformation online than to find facts.

📣​ PSA (Please Boost)

A friendly acquaintance of mine is a trans professor at Bryn Mawr college and is co hosting the first ever Early Modern Trans Studies conference (starts tomorrow through Friday).

He was super excited about me sharing on Mastodon so def check it out if you're near the campus or in PA!

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Dammit DFT, you're not supposed to just mash all the atoms together in hopes they'll magically find the right structure. That's not how it works. You should know that!

Word of caution. If you, like me, save PDF copies of papers to a directory called "to read" or "unsorted" or similar, try not to let them accumulate.

This advice brought to you by that one scientist who just spent literal hours sorting through a folder full of several hundred papers.

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