I’m running laser power tests, and it’s not often I get told that it’s fine to burn the crap out of a sample with the laser. Trying not to take this as a personal challenge TBH.

Also, I realise a lot of this account seems to be me grumbling. I should probably make some attempt to rectify that...

DSS 43 receiving data from @NewHorizons2015 at 1.1kb/s.

Why's it called hemocyanin? Shouldn't it be called cyanoglobin?

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Hey everyone! I have a friend who’s looking for a book which introduces quantum physics. She’s a graphic designer, so she’s looking for one without maths and jargon and stuff. Any recommendations are much appreciated! 😊

My approach to research can be summed up quite simply: I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing, but that doesn’t usually stop me.

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“We’re accepting applications for $10,000 Fellowships for women, trans, and non-binary people who would like to work on a project or research at the Recurse Center this winter.

You can work on whatever programming-related project you want. The only hard constraints on what you can do here are that it must involve code, and the code must be open source so that others may freely use, learn from, and build upon it.”


I love that I'm seeing young academics overcome the idea that certain disciplines are better, that some knowledge is more important than others. Thank y'all for doing good work.

Also, I'm probably never going to stop making jokes about the lasers being exciting.

But sunlight is exciting too, right?

Today's dilemma:
I have stuff I need to work on down in the lab, including a new laser to install. But the sky's actually clear today, and I want to enjoy the sunlight while it lasts. I haven't been getting nearly enough light recently.

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