I've come to realise that I like the concept of graphical abstracts a lot more than I like most actual graphical abstracts.

The minimum memory I need is 41 MW? As in megawords? Who the hell uses megawords?

Having a bunch of calculations running is a bit like having a batch of cookies in the oven. I just can't help but ssh into the cluster to see how they're going. Oooh, three of them are done!

My reading list is growing faster than bamboo. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for how to stay on top of that big pile of papers they need to read...?

That moment when you realise the review paper you're reading is so thorough that it's 126 pages long, not including references.

Going to be here for a while, I think...

Wet season's precipitation rate 💦 in the northern Amazon rainforest has been increasing in the last 30 years due to warming ♨️ of the Atlantic Ocean, study finds.


Apparently, the cluster workload manager is called slurm, and I find this hilarious!

Time to familiarise myself with a new computing cluster... *cracks knuckles*

Does anyone else periodically raid publishers for free book PDFs when they have a university internet connection? Or is that just me...?

I just blogged my initial few Mastodon thoughts and observations... @invaderxan, I took the liberty of using one of your (public) toots as example... chem-bla-ics.blogspot.com/2018

Part of this story is a query to show Mastodon accounts for authors in the Journal of Cheminformatics (which is very easily rewritten for any other journal):

"On the arid lands there will spring up industrial colonies without smoke and without smokestacks; forests of glass tubes will extend over the plains and glass buildings will rise everywhere; inside of these will take place the photochemical processes that hitherto have been the guarded secret of the plants... life and civilization will continue as long as the sun shines!"
— Giacomo Ciamician, 1912


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Note to self: Attempting to open a .xyz file containing a crystal structure with 68921 atoms may be unwise.

I've never managed to crash Ubuntu before. Feels like some kind of accomplishment.

Did anyone see the Ryan et al (2018) paper about using neural networks to predict crystal structures? If so, what did you think?

I'm wondering how useful a technique like this might be to help discover new catalysts...


Cleaning a flask with a tissue and compressed air

Consortium of the largest science funders in Europe announce that they'll only fund open access research

Does anyone know if there's a database online of phase diagrams for pure substances? I'm looking for several for small molecules like O2 and CH4. Is there maybe something hiding somewhere like NIST that I've managed to miss...?

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