Minor pet peeve. Why do journal websites still insist on a "download citation" link instead of giving the option to just display copyable text on screen?

How many files containing a single reference, called "citation.bib" do you think I need, publishers??

@invaderxan Yeah. But it's not so much convenient to copy and paste text in your reference manager, is it?

@invaderxan Ah ok, I must have read it to fast. Maybe something like that ?

You can't count on publishers, they sell access, not metadata, sadly. 😟

Yeah, it's a sad fact that publishers mostly don't care much about making things accessible. On some pages, it's a chore trying to even find where the citation details are...

@invaderxan It might be the way that it’s processed in, say, LaTeX to PDF to the journal system.

Ours are processed with the citations all in the PDF available to readers.

Perhaps. But in code terms, there's not much difference between displaying a few lines of text on screen and saving it as a file. It just seems like something they could easily do.

@invaderxan it is ridiculous. and a lot of the time the citation is not even formatted that well smh

Oh, that's true too. I find myself fixing the formatting pretty often.

@invaderxan preach!!
I'd much prefer a little widget on the side that displays bibtex ready to copy (and APA/Chicago/other styles for those who need the formatting). All the extra clicks this could save!!

That's exactly the kind of thing I'd like all journal websites to have!

And while I know it's uncool to say anything in favour of Google these days, the little citation box in Google Scholar really does work perfectly.

@invaderxan A couple less clicks would be nice, but yes. Best solution I've seen so far.

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