I'm trying to write up my thoughts in nice LaTeX and there are just too many names for this thing

I am unironically so excited for October 1 for multiple reasons

I have so many things to read and none of them are what I want to read

Here's a list of my favourite Conor McBride paper titles:
"Doo bee doo bee doo"
"Everybody's Got To Be Somewhere"
"I Got Plenty o' Nuttin'"
"Do be do be do"
"How to keep your neighbours in order"
"Agda-curious?" 👀
"The gentle art of levitation"
"Let's See How Things Unfold"
"Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right"
"What's the deal with dependent types?" (mood)
"The view from the left"
"i am not a number - i am a free variable"

I kinda actually wish I had homework assignments instead of all these readings

We don't even HAVE a set theory course
The only courses on metalogic are in PHIL

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Should've done a CS+math major
The only time I use my physics knowledge is when I need the math parts or when I'm making a shitpost about Schrödinger's various possessions

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I feel like there's a lot of random gaps in the middle of my knowledge about things like set theory and type theory that I don't feel like I have with things like calculus bc I had a very uniform education when it came to calculus
All my calculus gaps are on either end and are things like real analysis and diff geo so they don't count as gaps, just vast expanses in the distance

I know it's not aleph-1 bc 2^aleph-0 = aleph-1 so it's not strong
aleph-omega... but what is the one after that

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There exist regular strong limit cardinals/strong inaccessible cardinals. But what ARE they. Wikipedia tells me aleph-0 is one of them but where are the rest. Set theorists reveal your secrets

I've given up trying to figure out pdflatex and latexmk and makefiles and bibtex and whatnot
I'm going to compile on Overleaf when I want the nice refs

Having four meetings in a day is just like okay I guess I'll spend the in-between times scrolling through social media then

When bread goes in the toaster and toast comes out... where does the bread go

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It's so funny reading "Let k be a cardinal that is also an ordinal."
It's like, let t be toast that is also bread

I'm looking at variable assignments and I am like, where are the let statements?

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It throws me off when someone says "by induction on the size of ..." because I usually only work with induction on naturals or induction on something structural
Induction on size is like structural induction disguised as induction on naturals

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