Hi everyone 👋! I'm a behavioural scientist from the Netherlands, specialized in software engineering. I'm interested in the behavioural aspects of software engineering, and try to integrate both disciplines into my daily practice as an engineer.

I'm currently working on an open source health management system for the University of Oslo. In my personal time I try to write about software engineering from a social psychologist's perspective.

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@ismay Welcome Ismay!

What kind of questions do you look at in the behavioral aspects of SE?

I'm interested in how the engineering activities associated to SE impact the ability of AI agents to respect human rights, mainly privacy so far.

For instance, I ask questions like "how can agents respect privacy? what does it mean? what's the role of the engineering process in the agent ability to respect privacy?"

@artificialphilosopher Thanks! A lot of it tends to center around social psych. topics like group dynamics, decision making, leadership. E.g. biases that can influence a decision making process and what can be done to counter them. Or the effects that strong vs. weak accountability cultures can have on devs. Basically the human aspects of software dev.

Interesting topic that you're working on! Closely related. Can imagine it maybe even crosses over into philosophy with regards to ethics?

@ismay that's very interesting, do you have interesting papers about leadership specifically?

Indeed my topic touches fields like philosophy (e.g. about AI itself, what it is and what it means for example to have agency) and ethics (with all the hype about ethics and AI, where companies claim they are doing fine because they have a bunch of ethicists looking into a bunch of stuff).

@artificialphilosopher For the specific mix between SE and the humanities, "Behavioural software engineering" is a relatively new subdiscipline that deals specifically with the human aspects of software engineering. I'm not aware of any specific paper on leadership within that particular niche, but you might be able to find something there. Of course there is a lot of research on it in social and organizational psychology. If I encounter anything that seems appropriate I'll let you know!

@ismay Best of success with your open source health management system. I have looked for something like that for individuals. A means to document my own medical history. On this day, had this test, with this result. On this day, took this medication. On this day... etc. Searchable and able to export in a structure a doctor or hospital could use.

I suspect the reason such software doesn't exist in the USA is that there is too great a risk of litigation against the software engineer.

@onan Thanks! Just to be clear, I'm not the owner or creator of the project btw. Just a part of a large team of people working on it 😊.

Yeah open source software to document such info for individuals sounds very useful. Seems like it would be nice to have a trustworthy, safe store for such sensitive data!

@ismay See Ross Anderson's textbook "Security Engineering", especially the early chapter on psychology and its connections to secure design. But I imagine that you already saw this.

@bobcromwell Haven't read that. Seems to deal with Psychology more from the perspective of IT, whereas I feel I do the reverse. Couple of well known studies in chapter 2, though for example the Stanford Prison exp. might not be as scientifically valid as we once thought. I also have my doubts with the quoted work of Baron-Cohen as some of it seems flawed methodologically and more out to prove certain biases rather than research their validity. But interesting read, thanks for the suggestion!

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