My thesis proposal on boundary infrastructures for social federation is found here

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We've been in the process of helping our community migrate their citations to Zotero for the past few months. I'm glad that when we did our evaluation of potential tools, we did not go with Elsevier's offer for Mendeley

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I enjoyed reading these perspectives from Ted Underwood on interdisciplinarity when speaking of quantitative research, machine learning approaches, etc. with the humanities.

Driving off to San Francisco on Friday to participate in the Engelbart 50th anniversary of the Mother of All

I defended a thesis proposal related to taming conversations, and am co-founder of TopicQuests Foundation, where we work on open source platforms for global sensemaking (taming conversations) in the spirit of Douglas Engelbart's Dynamic Knowledge Repositories and Networked Improvement Communities. Worked on the CALO project at SRI International.

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