Myhill-Nerode is Ashby’s Law for dweebs

I’ve been studying theory of algorithms for a few years now and folks, I gotta say, it’s just a labor theory of value but for machines

Is K(x|y) uncomputable for infinite x, y pairs or only for fixed y, infinite x? 

Li and Vitanyi don’t formally state the uncomputability theorem for K(x|y). Most online discussion seems to take the first version, but surely when you have infinite pairs x, y st x = M(y), M computable, the minimal program for M is a finite constant and so computable. Am I missing something?

Anyone know what’s good in computable economics these days?

Got my first ever conference rejection last week. Utterly value-neutral experience tbh, I was very anxious about the possibility of having to talk.


f(n) = min |Q|: { (Q, {0,1}, q, F) is a DFA accepting {m | m ≤ n} }

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I was in the library once and a book fell on my head from high up.

Luckily it was "JavaScript — The Good Parts", that book weighed nothing.

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the safest way to use computers is still abstinence

"Discovery of Galileo’s long-lost letter shows he edited his heretical ideas to fool the Inquisition"

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people assume that you need some kind of innate talent to understand math but really all you need is the willingness to accept that you are a dipshit idiot baby who needs concepts explained at an extremely basic level

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Y'all wanna do any...
*glances around*
discrete math

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"Most worryingly, Google appears to be scooping up information about people who use incognito mode in their browsers – which most people think makes their activities invisible from Google." #privacy #security #surveillance

Graphic CC BY-SA Sean O'Brien

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Westlaw is like Wikipedia in that it can lead down some fun rabbitholes. For example, thirty-year-old attorney discipline cases from Kentucky:

"Conceding that former Judge Wood... did call Mr. Jerrigan a 'profane and provocative' name, it is my belief that the action taken by Mr. Jerrigan--viz., kicking Judge Wood in the groin--was not justified...."

Kentucky Bar Ass'n v. Jerrigan, 737 S.W.2d 693, 694 (Ky 1987) (Stephens, C.J., dissenting)


What rules about KATEX is that (unlike mathjax) it's fast enough to be interactive

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