Shakespeare's Greek/Roman histories are actually dope af. what on earth...

tfw you see one of your lecturer's published articles and instinctively think "aww. they're growing up :')" even though they published that article 10 years before you were born...

would a Cambridge Companion to communist writer Maxim Gorky be called a 'Cambridge COMRADE to Maxim Gorky' aha please like my toots I'm desper-

I love reading about the concept of alterity because that's like, a concept that's relevant to me as a gay, disabled trans dude!!!

doing a psychology degree is just spending £9000 a year to learn how to skim-read research papers.

it's Too cold and i'm having one of those 'feeling hopeless about my future days' (because i am thick and worthless??). welps. I'll probably feel after I've immersed myself into a few youtube neuroscience presentations.

me: omg the Bastard in 'King John' is so overrated!!!
The Bastard: mad world! mad kings! mad composition!
me: marry me.

tfw you have to cut 800+ words out of your word count the day before your essay is due (((((:

" I and sorrows sit; /
Here is my throne, bid kings come bow to it." = proof that Constance from Shakespeare's 'King John' was the original emo

so many words! and I have another 6000 words of coursework (not to mention dissertation stuff) todo over the Christmas holidays... so many words.

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I just sent a 3500 word draft of my first dissertation chapter to my dissertation tutor and now I have to finish a 3000 word essay on Shakespeare's history plays. please save me.

everyone on here is so nice and friendly! I love wholesome academia. we're getting gay married :)

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i cannot stand freud and this chapter over gender/sexuality i'm reading is all about him. freud freud freud. we all know he was full of shit, can we move on already? it's 2018, y'all

can't wait until Christmas so I receive enough money to buy Academic Books for my dissertation that I probably should have read by now already but haven't because academic books are expensive af.

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@jamietheory go hard and create an unacknowledgements section for all future publications

friend: *is mean to me*
me: wow, I was going to write about you in the 'acknowledgements' section of my dissertation but think again, traitor!

I have produced twelve pages of a draft for the first chapter of my dissertation and my dissertation tutor can only read the first two pages?? and the first two pages are just boring exposition!! I'm so upset that we can't be given more thorough feedback :(

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I'm a third year classics undergrad from the UK and you can call me Kody. I'm coming from the and I hope I can find other classicists on here - hit me up if you ever want to talk about Plato, tragedy, the Iliad, or Cassandra (the topic of my dissertation which I may or may not be procrastinating on right now).

I just wrote the words "the sovereignty of the ego". please help, my ego has raised taxes! oh wait, now it's been deposed and beheaded, never mind.

also, I'm still not sure if he's ACTUALLY controversial or if theory discourse is actually just so homophobic against him it's forgotten the reason why it hates him

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