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The Indo-European wordlists.

These are the parallel wordlists of 24 Indo-European (IE) languages used in Ringe, Warnow, and Taylor 2002

The Toronto Word Pool: Norms for imagery, concreteness, orthographic variables, and grammatical usage for 1,080 words

Complete Guide to GRE
Vocabulary | 2015

Assorted words and definitions
from a GRE expert compiled for
your entertainment and edification


The ICE-CORE lists by Gilner and Morales

(The ICE-CORE word list: The lexical foundation of 7 varieties of English. Asian Englishes, 14(1), 2011: 4-21)

the International Corpus of English

Canada, East Africa, Hong Kong, India, Jamaica, Philippines, and Singapore

This international list represents 1132 lemmas

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