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All my publications are available on this page. Tell me if that is not the case and I will add anything missing.

I'm being evaluated (again) for something and was surprised to see that teaching nine different courses over nine years (about three every year, so not just nine in total) means that "the applicant does not have a very extensive teaching experience." I guess my expectations are not very well calibrated.

And seems the autoresponder has given up after a while. So in the end, probably only a few thousand unnecessary emails were sent.

On one of the email lists I'm on, someone set an automatic away message to answer every email they get, meaning they've told hundreds of people more than a hundred times that they've away from the office for now.

Reminder: you're not going to get a good sample of the fediverse regardless of how many shares you get, partially because of network effects and partially because of how the fediverse works.

I bought myself a wooden book support that I use to prop up my tablet.

Have you considered the Use Case where the User is angry with you, doesn't like you, doesn't like your Product (tm), thinks your entire socio-economic class are measurably making everything worse and accelerating a global slide into fascism, genocide and extinction, and is only sullenly interacting with your Product (tm) at the cracking point of the harsh whip of capitalism because they will lose the ability to eat if they do not

because you might find that's quite a large class of users

Only some 300 emails waiting when I return from holiday.

โ€œI buy survival as a software engineer. I have code on other planets, as well as in military drones, and numerous other places. I write database tooling, bits and bobs that make it easy to ask your system about what it knows. That my enemies have made of my works killing machines... All I can say is, I was never asked.โ€

annie are you online
are you online
are you online annie

I'm reading a book about a space ship that is trying to fuck a lady. (There's also a mystery and a heist somewhere there.)

This is a great podcast episode of internet sociology.

The Digital Human: Vilify

Weโ€™re no strangers to plums
You use the icebox and so do I
A fuller bellyโ€™s what Iโ€™m thinking of
You wouldnโ€™t share them with any other guy

for a business site, the Forbes piece is a good one. And since they print Blizzard's reply in full and I was having my phone read it to me with text-to-speech I was just letting it go on through the Blizzard response... so major content warnings for descriptions of misogyny, sexual harassment, racism, suicide, AND lawyers' dismissals of same.

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Refreshing news in the morning:

MIT Predicted in 1972 That Society Will Collapse This Century. New Research Shows Weโ€™re on Schedule.

A 1972 MIT study predicted that rapid economic growth would lead to societal collapse in the mid 21st century. A new paper shows weโ€™re unfortunately right on schedule.

There is currently an issue with a database server that stopped responding. I am waiting for a reply from the data center to know what could be causing this.

Some instances are currently down, I am trying to solve the issue as fast as possible and will update here when I know something.

The moment you have a somewhat popular internet presence you get bombarded with brands wanting you to promote their shit.

You grow suspicious of anyone online talking about any sort of device or service. Every brand that asked me to promote their shit, I'll never trust anyone being legitimately excited about their products ever again, because I know there's a chance they also been asked to do so.

Reminder: "oh, so you won't tolerate my intolerance?" is not new and you are not clever for deploying it. It's called the Paradox of Tolerance, invoking it is a fallacy, and it is a well-known tool of authoritarians and bigots to shut down their opponents that no longer fools any but the very most naรฏve conversants.

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