I tried searching for information on the LaTeX package "strip". Turns out "latex strip" doesn't work for searching online.

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New users here, so I'll start regularly posting bits of Mastodon etiquette!

One thing that might be new is having to think about what privacy setting to use for your posts

For a lot of posts, you probably want Unlisted—not Public!

Unlisted posts go to your followers and they're boostable; off-topic posts are allowed and encouraged

Public posts go on the Local Timeline; and for scholar.social, Public posts should be "on topic" (topic is: academia, teaching, learning—if in doubt, use a CW)

Just published "Research Through Game Design. Interactive Stories from a Submerged Amsterdam" We share SUBMERGED, a cross-platform project that combines game design, interactive narrative, and urban exploration with the objective of empowering citizens to produce their . Following a "Research through Design" practice, we describe our process for creating SUBMERGED, we synthesize some critical insights from our experience

Do you guys realize there’s a planet in our solar system entirely inhabited by robots?

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Tired: publish

Wired: perish

Inspired: an alternative system of organization which emphasizes process over result, where the pursuit of knowledge steers efforts in a sustained, long-term manner across the board, rather than the frantic scramble to live up to arbitrary numbers and estimates implied in that terrible work slogan

Starting a review of a paper and realized I am Reviewer #2 in the review system.

Well, that really changes everything, doesn’t it?

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I read the documentation, but it was a bit sparse. If anybody has any ideas on what I'm doing wrong, please let me know.

Can't seem to get links to verify on my profile. Added a link back to my profile on my website with a rel=me attribute, but nothing is happening.

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