Neat map of history of western philosophy in the form of connections of builds on/refutes #heyfeedfox

A mastodon fork where toots could be categorized as "publications", "presentations", "posters", "updates", etc. That would be a killer

One year after publication, I'm finally allowed to share freely the full text of "Rethinking in Through Anti-Ageist Playful Interactions".
I'm very proud of this paper, and especially of its methodology at the crossroads of interaction , pragmatist and .

Interested in designing that make people think about how does it feel to age? Have a look at

Modern academic writing: this article will study a subsection of a subsection of a category in one instance, and it will painstakingly footnote every step along the way towards a tentative conclusion

Old timey academic writing: the purpose of literature is

For anyone who's not already in the blast radius of this, here's a summary of the latest scandal surrounding the methodology of academic journals, especially those that the hoaxers locate in the realm of "grievance studies." Thoughts?

Want to work on #virtualreality #VR and, who knows, #worldpeace? There is a #PhD #scholarship available at the Nanyang Technological University Interdisciplinary Graduate School under my supervisor, Vivian Chen. Project details here: #gradschool #academia #games #gamestudies

Game studies, Hearthstone Show more

Game studies, Hearthstone Show more

I used twine to make this slide for class to explain how dialog tree romance games pretty much always work

Public service announcement: anything after ? in an URL is probably an ad tracker and can be safely left out when sharing the web page. Not sure? Try loading the page without it. If the page works, you didn't need it.

I just witnessed an older guy in a suit edit a PowerPoint presentation with a pen on paper and it made me die a bit inside.

I met a traveler from an icy land
Who said—"Two dry and fleshless pits of plum
Lie in the dustbin... near them, on the floor,
Half stained with purple juice a napkin lies,
Whose tears and wrinkles tell
That its user well those plums enjoyed;
And on the napkin, these words appear:
I have eaten the plums
That were in the icebox;
Look on my works, ye Hungry, and despair!
Nothing beside remains."

JACQUES DERRIDA: Ah, yes, a complex topic. First, I must apologize for my English. Secondly, it is difficult to address the matter in a satisfactory manner on the spot. When someone says, "OwO", it is the opening of an experience. A question is to come, is *now* to come, always to come--à venir. When one answers "what is this", th--[insert 30,000 words about messianicity, différance, and khôra]

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As a professor at a public university, my number 1 job seems to be wading through corporate spam for shoddy e-education this and i-textbook that.

Watch this new documentary "Paywall: The Business of Scholarship" (, free stream) It covers a fair amount of ground. Could be an eye-opener for many people but also if, like me, this is a subject you're familiar with, you might still appreciate the variety of points it makes. I especially was interested in some of the voices speaking about the issues in countries that cannot afford Elsevier, etc. & how that access (lack thereof) directs their research.

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