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Jonne Arjoranta

I woke up at 6 so I can take an early train to watch esports that is being played 1000s of kilometers away. All for work, of course.

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Oh this is good! “Arxiv Vanity renders academic papers from Arxiv as responsive web pages so you don’t have to squint at a PDF.”


I think the idea that a new Mastodon user is supposed to pick an instance based on affinity/interest is the number one thing that prevents people from joining. I think there needs to be a retooling of the messaging to make it about trust.

People don't join email services because of affinity. They do because they trust. They trust Google will be around for a long time. Or that hushmail won't sell their data. Or that Hotmail is easy to use. Etc etc.

Wondering how to get that one article that's behind a paywall? Here's a guide:

Know how to make it better? Please contribute!

I tried finding a preprint archive suitable for my work (like arXiv in physics).

I tried a couple and ended up with OSF, which seems great. They have different sub-categories for different areas of research and are run a by a non-profit on open source code.

You can get a copy from Routledge and the ebook is surprisingly reasonably priced:

The preprint of my chapter is available here: but it is embargoed until 2019-10-18. If you want a copy, you can always ask me.

"Role-playing game studies: transmedia foundations" is out. Just got my author's copy. If you study -playing you might want to take a look.

DiGRA 2019 will be held in Kyoto, Japan. If you study games, do take a look at the CfP:

I just witnessed a sublime reading of Wolfenstein: New Colossus, arguing that it's tone is not inconsistent, but needs to be understood through Bakhtin's carnivalesque. I had zero interest in the game before, but now I need to play it.

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My DiGRA 2018 extended abstract "Interpretive Challenges in Games" is available as a preprint from OSF:

If you enjoy replaying games or are interested in how replayability can be an interesting aspect of the game, you might like Save the Date, Oxenfree, Undertale or Nier:Automata.

If you're interested in paradoxes, you might enjoy the games Naya's Quest, Antichamber or Gorogoa.

Paolo Ruffino talked about games for the post-anthopocene: games that outlive us or that are not meant for humans. One example is No Man's Sky, which is -- because of it's procedural generation -- not possible for a human to experience in its entirity. Even the developers had to create bots to test the game because no human can check all the planets for flaws.

The purpose of philosophical discourse is to get your interlocutor to say the safeword: "See, this is why I hate philosophers."

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Lot's of hate against #signal again today. You should ask yourselves whether your purist attitude is worth risking the reasonably good solution we have at the moment.

I'd rather have signal than trying to convince my contacts to switch to some "better" solution that simply doesn't work well enough yet and have everyone default to #whatsapp again.