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All my publications are available on this page. Tell me if that is not the case and I will add anything missing.

Oh, didn't realise automated deletions were added to Mastodon. Great that we don't have to rely on external services anymore.

Apparently our publication system doesn't actually support HTML format after all and I might have to write that part myself. :ohno:

The power light on my 7 year old work MacBook has gone out, but it still works. Hang in there buddy!

First time I ran into a situation where I can't even buy a role-playing game because it requires you to use either a Google or Facebook account.

Using Open Journal Systems for the first time this year and it's just as akward and difficult to use as open source tools usually are. Still better than what we did previously.

A. ________ (noun)
B. ________ (noun)
C. Phenomenology / Ontology / Framework
D. ________ (gerund)

"Queering the [A]-[B] distinction: toward a [C] of [D]"

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@InternetEh ever think about how IKEA basically has the layout of a D&D dungeon?

Extra points if you never read anything from the slides and move too quickly for anyone else to read them either.

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Gotta respect presenters that just fill powerpoints with endless amounts of text, at least three different fonts in italics and bold.

by manner
of throwing cakes
of different weights
into faces
of old uncles.

Them: I need you to make me a website

Me: Sure I can do that

Them: No, from scratch

Me: Yeah can do

Them: The bargain is sealed

*They hand me a bucket of sand, some oil and some ore*



"Why do academic titles go out of their way to insist we’re not professors?

- Adjunct Professor - aftermarket add-on
- Assistant Professor - definitely just helping out the real profs
- Associate Professor - you associate with professors but you’re not *really* one of them
- Full Professor is actually a Professor but only after a large meal"


Listening to a talk that mixes three different languages. Take that, English-only academia.

i downloaded all 10.000 of those ugly lazy lions nfts and turned them into a mosaic of a person right-clicking

*american peeking out from behind a wall of corporate branding mascots voice* ha, silly Europe and their heraldry announcement, action required 

hi, you may have noticed that was down for the last two weeks. it's back now. sorry about the trouble

i've disabled it on every account as a precaution. sign in again and click enable to turn it back on

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