I'm teaching students about online and next week. Are there resources that I should definitely share with them?

Amazon account closure shenanigans 

Asking for career advice 

I wrote a bit more about the scraping of data for research. What happened, what went wrong, and why.


Is that research impact? I certainly can't list it in any of the systems we use to keep track of that.

I was reading about research impact today and remembered one article I published about an older game. Suddenly a lot of strangers started talking about the paper and complimenting it, because they loved the game. The paper has never been cited.

The Norwegian Consumer Council has published an aptly named report on the online advertising industry: Out of Control.


It's also nice that all the conclusions in the paper are wrong because they start with a mistaken premise that content warnings mean that a post is "inappropriate".

According to some posts I saw there is a paper on Mastodon that scraped public posts. Anyone know what it is called or where to find it?

Anyone written or read a Heideggerian ecological criticism of Pinker’s scientism? I think there could be something there.

Folks into , , , take a look at Kieran Nolan's PhD thesis "The Art, Aesthetics, and Materiality of the Arcade Videogame Interface". Kieran designed and built a number of arcade cabinets with technologies from the mid-80s to the late 90s to explore the aesthetics of video game interfaces as digital material.
The thesis is open access tara.tcd.ie/handle/2262/90862

@ansugeisler Sure. But the bigger the company, the more likely they have automatic processes for that too.

For example, Facebook will simply send you to their settings, where you can download & delete your info. (I did this.)

Climate crisis 

Surveillance capitalism, Google, Facebook 

The oldest paper on my To Read list is from March 2017. I recently tried to add it to the list again, before noticing that it was already there.

Under shady circumstances, ISOC has sold the .org registry to a private equity firm and removed the cap on price increases for a TLD used primarily by non-profit groups. theregister.co.uk/AMP/2019/11/

Interesting slides and talk notes from Arvind Narayanan on How to Recognize AI Snake Oil cs.princeton.edu/~arvindn/talk

In a nutshell: There are things AI is ok at or getting better, but predicting social outcomes isn't one of them.

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