Climate crisis 

Surveillance capitalism, Google, Facebook 

The oldest paper on my To Read list is from March 2017. I recently tried to add it to the list again, before noticing that it was already there.

Under shady circumstances, ISOC has sold the .org registry to a private equity firm and removed the cap on price increases for a TLD used primarily by non-profit groups.

Interesting slides and talk notes from Arvind Narayanan on How to Recognize AI Snake Oil

In a nutshell: There are things AI is ok at or getting better, but predicting social outcomes isn't one of them.

*Ready Player One* reflects our times so well: as the climate collapses and authoritarianism rises, our hero fights with all his might to save a very cool corporate IP that he really really loves.

cultural studies 

Aarseth: Cybertext, as now should be clear, is the wide range... of possible textualities seen as a typology of machines, as various kinds of literary communication systems where the functional differences among the mechanical parts play a defining role in determining the aesthetic process. [...] If these texts redefine literature by expanding our notion of it—and I believe that they do—then they must also redefine what is literary...

2019 web:

Take too hot for anywhere but here: apoliticality is a privilege.
If you want to "keep politics out of this space" then you live with the conditions that lofty political decisions will have no impact on your life. You don't live a life where the whims of some talking head can determine weather or not you have a place to sleep tomorrow, or when the next time you'll get a meal will be. To be apolitical is to have no concern for the goings-on of the status quo, which means that it benefits you.


GPDR lists "philosophical beliefs" among protected categories of data so this toot should be protected 

"What's a good way to share information online? I know, a 100 mb powerpoint presentation!"

-- someone running this workshop

There's also nice off hand comments like

"When being consulted university lawyers suggest that Mary do X, but instead Mary does Y."

I didn't know we could do that!

Of course, there's no further information on when and why you can just ignore the lawyers.

Training, complaining 

Just received an advice email from our university's financial services and it was written in comic sans.

Shout out to jekyll-scholar, which automatically creates my list of publications and links the papers to the PDF files.

Website update 

Presentation on play, video 

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