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All my publications are available on this page. Tell me if that is not the case and I will add anything missing.

My jekyll is broken again. Fuck ruby. Especially fuck ruby version management.

Every year the system for sending funding applications to the biggest funding agency in Finland crashes. Today is the deadline. Guess what happened?

I wish you were as accurate, & as much to be relied on, as I am myself.

Ada Lovelace to Charles Babbage.


I have a good feeling about this, so it will no doubt get especially crushing reviews.

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I have sent another funding application. Now waiting for the inevitable disappointment.

14 year old: "Imagine getting ratioed by someone on their Samsung Smart Fridge"

sure, I could stay in academia and do a PhD, but it would be a much more valuable contribution to science if I burned down at least one major publishing company

PRIEST: Do you take Florence to be your wife?


PRIEST: Does anyone have anything-

RAGE: [from the back] I'M AGAINST THIS

Feeling terrible about academic work so I read some for_exposure tweets to remind myself that it could be worse.

I have a strong impression that Habermas views politics as a problem (at least in theory) solvable through rational discussion, while both Arendt and Mouffe see politics as necessarily an arena of conflict, which is not possible to solve. I can't find where I would have read this. Is this just my impression? Can you suggest readings on this?

It seems at least the Academy of Finland is explicitly moving away from trying to quantify applicants through metrics like impact factors:

> The use of journal-based metrics in the assessment is prohibited, nor may applicants add metrics to their applications (e.g. journal impact factors (JIF) or JUFO classifications).

The new site design looks good, but I'm a bit put off by the list of supporters. Most of them are online casinos, but there is also cryptocurrency service, buying Instagram followers and help for cheating in your studies.

I guess the policy is to take whatever money is sent their way, but that might not be the best policy in the long term.

Forgot I sent an abstract. Worse, it was accepted, meaning I have to actually do the work.

That time of the year when the todo list keeps getting longer faster than I can finish things.

Oh, my piece for the Institute of Network Cultures got published and I missed it!

Fighting Disinformation: We’re Solving The Wrong Problems

> The reason why misinformation and disinformation spread so fast is that our most commonly used communication tools had been built in a way that promotes that kind of content over fact-checked, long-form, nuanced reporting.

> One could call this the “outrage dividend“, and disinformation benefits especially handsomely from it.

Can anyone recommend me a writer who writes similar cyberpunk as Richard Morgan, but isn't a transphobe?

board game history 

The original Maggie version came with a set of two rules: the ones you probably know, and ones that lead to a more equitable land share. The second set was left out from the Darrow version.

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