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I think games are better at expressing some things than other media. I list some examples, but I probably missed others, so please tell me what I missed.

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This review of Morris' Ashtray is ostensibly about the book, but gets there via Kuhn and Kripke and delivers more than just a review.

In which @darius recommends library archives as an alternative to museums, and explains how you can access them when traveling:

#Announcement: check out #ConfTube, a #PeerTube instance dedicated to conference and community events videos.

If you are a conference organizer or speaker, feel free to contact me to get an account.

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My article "How to Define Games and Why We Need to" is now available from The Computer Games Journal. Struggling with game definitions? Try if this helps.

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Friends into studies, interactive , and research, take a look at this for GAME - Games as Art, Media, Entertainment journal on 'agency'
"The new issue of G|A|M|E proposes a re-examination of the concept of in games. We welcome contributions that address the idea of agency (...) taking into account its interdisciplinary history and application."

Let’s talk about The North Face defacing #Wikipedia

"When The North Face exploits the trust you have in Wikipedia to sell you more clothes, you should be angry. Adding content that is solely for commercial promotion goes directly against the policies, purpose and mission of Wikipedia to provide neutral, fact-based knowledge to the world."


> my preferred operating system is that sense of lightness and liberation that comes after dropping your computer into a trash compactor

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