"Everything should be simple and clear and pure between us."

I did not previously know that Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger were once lovers.

@jaranta Really? That's like the first thing I knew about them, but then again I live for this type of trash. Their relationship is So confusing. I, personally, think she is the better out of the two of them.

@Cyborgneticz Well, it's not a tough comparison when one of them supported the Nazi party.

@jaranta I know someone who keeps trying to find an ethics in Heidegger and it's...not there

@Cyborgneticz @jaranta Heidegger was also, like, vocally opposed to founding an Ethics, too, wasn't he?

@Cyborgneticz @jaranta He talks about it some in Letter on Humanism. Not sure if it crops up anywhere else though.

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