Ebook annoyance 


The book also has an "end user license agreement" (because you don't read ebooks, you use them). The license includes a portion saying

> You may not upload, copy, modify, print, transmit, transfer, sublicense, sell, make or distribute copies of the Licensed Material in whole or in part.

I made a copy of the book by transferring it to my e-reader, so presumably I'm in breach of that agreement.

@jaranta There is no reason to respect an EULA or a copyright notice when it fails to acknowledge and respect the most basic use cases of the book/paper/etc.

Except selling, all prohibited uses listed are simply unavoidable things one does in order to make proper use of a book, digital or dead tree. And it shouldn't be possible to prohibit selling sth one owns, even if it's the "we sell the right to use it, not the work itself" BS.

That whole statement is at odds with reading and economics.

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