A reminder that this year is not an anomaly and things won't suddenly get better next year. There is no going back to "normal" and things are only going to get worse until we fix the ongoing climate crisis.


You are right.

Cursing the four digits that happen to be attached to the calendar year has been a thing since at least 2016. Folx, the hurt ain’t gonna let up until we fix things!


...and to fix the ongoing climate crisis we must fix the human condition. (Or not, and let climate do it instead.)


The reason anthropogenic climate change is even a thing. Vast subject, but not really. We lost our way a long time ago when thinking we were something privileged and separate from nature.

@jaranta I keep saying that we're putting a lot of pressure on 2021. As if suddenly everything that is happening this year will suddenly stop on January 1. It's not going to.

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