disney, copyright 

I'm increasingly convinced that Disney is one of the companies that has done most harm in the world. Their harm is not economic or ecological, as in most cases, but cultural. Whenever Mickey Mouse would run out of copyright, they use their considerable power to make sure copyright terms are extended in the US – and because of US power, elsewhere in the world. This has robbed us a hundred years of culture that should be in public domain but instead is inaccessible and forgotten.


disney, copyright 

Now, in a move that only Disney would be brazen enough to try, they have unilaterally decided that they simply don't have to pay authors for their work.


disney, copyright 

@jaranta I've been seeing more stories like this about Disney and it makes me so frustrated and disappointed. I adore many of the characters they've created, but not this. They need to respect and pay their workers.

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