Are you a woman or enby? Have you ever considered a career within esports? No particular rank or experience needed. We’re looking for you for an interview about how women and enbies see possibilities to participate in esports and how to get there. The interview will be held digitally over zoom, discord, or similar tools depending on what works best for you, in English or in Swedish.

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Warm regards,
Emilia and Andreas

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More details:

The interviews will be used for a small scale project within the Bachelor’s progmram Digital Design at Kristianstad University. All materials used will be anonymised. The material will be used to create a proposal for a design solution to facilitate participation in esports for women and non-binary people.


@EmergencyBattle Hey, you might want to swing this by Maria from Cat Collective (goes by Liska, I believe). She's an expert and might be able to help.

@jaranta Haha my team is actually part of Cat Collective now so I did post this in their server already, but I'll see if I can contact her directly, thanks! :D

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