Which has primacy?

Freedom of Speech


Autonomy in Commmunication

How do these differ?

What do they comprise of?

What conflicting or intersecting rights exist?

No, I’ve not defined terms. I have definitions in mind, but am also trialing language. The 2nd term is novel and appears not to be in significant use. I’m interested in seeing what others presume the meaning to be.

Boosts appreciated.

#FreeSpeech #AutonomousCommunication

@dredmorbius "Freedom of speech" as understood in US is a weird anomaly in how humans understand the relation between communication, freedom and consequence. The US-centric interpretation is gaining ground (mostly online) because of US cultural imperialism, but in practice no other country has laws that see a specific form of speech somehow central to freedoms. As such, I don't find that concept very useful or important.

@dredmorbius Excatly: those articles are very far from the US interpretation of freedom of speech.


@dredmorbius You didn't; I did. Framing things through freedom of speech makes it US-centric.

@jaranta Disagreed and absolutely not my intent, though as a perception, useful.


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