I've been using Zotero for years. It has all these tools that I rarely use: notes, tags, related etc.

Does anyone have good resources (or just personal suggestions) on how to get more out of Zotero?

@jaranta I just discovered (this very year) the beauty of (1) highlight a PDF, (2) "Extract annotations" which is given by #ZotFile, (3) BAM highlights as notes with citation AND link to the precise spot in the PDF. You can then export or copy+paste them anywhere. Makes the whole annotate-and-use-annotations-for-something workflow much more effective and worthwhile. Just in case you live in ignorance as I did!

@miren This is a great tip! I also found this (I think) last year. Lately I've been having a problem, though: I now make notes on my e-ink tablet, which doesn't make standard highlights and now I can't export them anymore. I was so close to the perfect workflow. 😔

@jaranta yes... that's the reason why I discarded an e-ink tablet (got myself a regular one) and many software as well. "Standard" PDF highlights are now a requirement for me (also because they are application-agnostic and future-proof)...

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