I am again struggling with Pandoc not finding my references. :ohno:

@jaranta oh no and here i thought pandoc was *perfect*

@meena Surely pandoc is perfect and this is a problem with some other software?

@jaranta if you are using a recent version you have to pass it the --citeproc flag, otherwise it won't do anything about references.

@jaranta Technically I think they did it almost a year ago (, but changes roll out slowly. I only noticed it kind of recently, as I had to add support for it in vim-pandoc.

@okf Do you mean that you incorporated some changes to vim-pandoc itself or that you configured your personal version somehow?

@jaranta it should add the --citeproc flag by default. But I was mistaken, I added this only to the lua rewrite I am working on. With vim-pandoc as it stands now, the fix is to use

let g:pandoc#compiler#arguments = ''--citeproc''

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