Teachers, stop showing YouTube videos and other corporate internet content on classrooms if you don't have effective adblockers in use.

Students shouldn't be force-fed ads during class.

@Stoori Also youtube-dl exists!! You can pre-download ad-free videos for showing!

@meena @ljwrites @Stoori When I had to do this I downloaded the vid and embedded it in the slide show. It does make the slide show 16M (and it's not exactly straightforward to downsize a vid, but maybe some easy GUI tool exists that I don't know), but the result is, both vids and slides always have each other as context, regardless of connectivity.

@cadadr @meena @ljwrites @Stoori I once had to give a conference talk where I wanted to show a bunch of short clips from a videogame to highlight specific things in the game. I thought I was clever and made short videos and embedded them in the presentation. The presentation was big, but worked. Except when I was trying to present it on the conference computer, when it promptly crashed the computer, forcing me to talk without any presentation at all.


@meena This is probably an accurate representation of the expression I had back then.

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