Gotta respect presenters that just fill powerpoints with endless amounts of text, at least three different fonts in italics and bold.

Extra points if you never read anything from the slides and move too quickly for anyone else to read them either.

@jaranta and colors. Don't forget all of the colors.

I mean, their amazing insight needs to *stand out*. And all of it is amazing insight. :thinksphere:

@jaranta @rysiek my university does a good line in "powerpoint slides that are just a screenshot of a news story from 2011"

@ak I think I prefer this; at least news stories have a style guide.

@jaranta @rysiek And don't forget to use as many slide transition effects as possible!

@jaranta Also, those who have 50 slides of that and expect to get through every one in a 10 minute presentation!

@jaranta I want to present at a conference and use early 00s Word Art


*words spin onto the page sparkly"
"Let's talk about ----- neoliberalism"

@jaranta Forget italics and bold! I find that multi-colour text over dark background works really good.

Almost like a blackboard with chalk in different colours.

As an added bonus: Because coloring text takes more time than boldening or italicizing, it helps me cut down on word count also ;)

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