I think I'm again descending into note-taking hell. I have 4 different note-taking programs, a notebook and Remarkable.

Does anyone have experience with both zk and nb? (both are note-taking tools) Anything you would like to share?

@jaranta I pretty much use vim on computers and paper and pen for other stuff. That said, I will explore zk and nb

@jaranta I'm in total note taking hell too. I think I'm approaching note heaven after configuring org-mode to my liking. I use a combination of a monolithic org-mode file and ZK style notes with org-roam. The ZK arm of my note taking is new to me, but as I continue to build out my ZK wiki I'm finding it more beneficial.

A significant con for me is the lack of a useful way to use the ZK notes on mobile. For now I create new org-mode files and then refile them into ZK notes.

@jaranta it's just hard to top pen and paper for seminars. I try to take the important points and transfer them to ZK notes but I'm admittedly quite lazy at this so far.

@dillydogg This is also my approach, but I rarely write down anything that merits transferring.

@dillydogg The road to hell is paved with thinking everything will be perfect after this one last configuration change.

@jaranta I’ve been on Obsidian now for a bit over a year and can highly recommend it. My e-ink reader’s not that great though.

@mmin I tried it a bit back, but found it unintuitive then. Maybe I should tried again.

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