If you needed more reasons to be wary of Elsevier, here's what kind of data they collect about you. For example: whenever you do anything within Mendeley.

Reminder: Zotero is free, open-source and not owned by a giant company which sells your data.

the Mendeley tracking is the same as science direct as far as I can tell, and the js on science direct collects much more than this and transmits to way more endpoints than just Elsevier. I truly do not know how this kind of multi-endpoint tracking works with the GDPR, both multi-endpoint at time of collection and multi-endpoint by virtue of processing and cross-use and integration between subsidiaries in a conglomerate

@jonny I think you'd need a privacy lawyer to answer those questions.

@jaranta For this, I would like a button which is not ⭐ but more like 🪠.

Has anyone looked at connecting OJS or one of the other well-crafted open journal platforms to the Fedi?

Sorry if I wasn't clear!

(1) That was a thorough dissection of Elsevier, and it made me wish for a reaction button that meant: this is important, but not because it is good. Hence the emojis.

(2) OJS is the open journal system - . It's one of several platforms for open-source journals. I was wondering how to create alternatives to the ecosystem that lets Elsevier gather and commodify academic worker data.

@yetiinabox Gotcha. No OJS plugin that I know of – would be great!

@jaranta that was a good read, even though the subject obviously sucks

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