Do you know of any games about managing the climate crisis?

you can play the game : achieving to read one of the IPCC recent reports's résumé of 40 pages and trying to talk about with other people.
also, eating billionaires works


what about a portable railgun isn't big tech :-D okay, I stop

Factorio has a mechanic where enemy spawns increase as you pollute more or something like that. That's not quite same as managing a whole climate crisis

@jonossaseuraava I've thought about this, but was looking for more directly related examples. Thanks!

@jkb Kinda, but also a bit removed from our immediate concerns. Thanks!

@schratze @jaranta
Build more dams to store water
Build more human sized hamster wheels for power shortages

@jaranta in Timberborn you build a city for a bunch of beavers that have survived humanity and climate collapse and deal with surviving amidst frequent drought periods.

@jaranta The book "Half Earth Socialism" has a great tie-in card-style game that's really challenging and attempts to be highly realistic.

@jaranta oh I guess Terraria is a metaphor for managing climate collapse? There's is corruption that spreads and worsens as you progress and you can take different measures to slow and contain the spread. A character representing nature informs you how far the corruption has spread

@jaranta i got exactly what you're looking for, a bit old and rough around the edges, it's called "Fate of the World" and you're explicitly wrangling climate change, directly, no quaint metaphors

@jaranta you'll wanna get the "tipping point" edition of it, it has all the expansions and DLCs bundled in

i remembered there being a browser-based analogue to it but i cannot find it for the life of me, i'll tell you if i manage to dig it up

@jaranta oh yeah, it's called "Half Earth Socialism", you're running the politburo now and have to deal with climate change without getting shut down by increasing unpopularity, you can even play it online in a browser

@jaranta Maybe not climate crisis specifically but I think "Fate of the World" might fit what your looking for?

Didn't play much with it, mostly because I don't game much nowadays (when I do it's on my DS), but I did at least launch it. The UI is very obviously made for mobile, so if you use any non-touch input, you might have issues.

@jaranta Terra Nil isn't exactly what you're describing, but I think it's related.

@jaranta pikuniku is a game that takes a highly simplistic approach to combating the evils of capitalism

@jaranta There was an expansion for Settlers of Catan that added oils fields, which gave you quick growth but polluted the board. As pollution grew natural disasters would spread, like sea levels rising and heat waves.

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The thread this is in reply to has a bunch of game suggestions about "managing the climate crisis."

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