This editorial from Espen Aarseth is a great look at the 20-year-old history of the journal, and in general.

If you wanted to make a syllabus for what readings would be on it? They don't need to be about games, only crucial for understanding them.

Pokémon Go, new study 

A paper we've been working for a while is out:

"Exploring Features of the Pervasive Game Pokémon GO That Enable Behavior Change: Qualitative Study"

We studied how different game features were tied to changes in people's reported behavior. Takeway:

"The respondents reported being more social, expressed more positive emotions, found more meaningfulness in their routines, and had increased motivation to explore their surroundings."

Game studies, conference call, workshop 

Interested in ? Thinking of coming to DiGRA2020? Come join us in the Ludic Unreliability workshop and chat with us about all the ways games mislead us.

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