My main motivation for succeeding academically is to get a research group I can force to use plain text and git for academic writing, so I can finally have the collaboration of my dreams.

@mmin @alatitude77 I got excited before realising that my Vim already does all of this.

Just a reminder:

If you're in a position of power over someone in some context (e.g. work, school), even if it's not that much power, just a bit of seniority

And you "invite" people with less power to something outside of that context

It's on *you* to make sure that they know it's optional and that nothing bad will happen if they decide not to take you up on that invite

Otherwise, you might be abusing your power

@BarkMarnett I forgot that I meant to recommend these themes to you:

I use one of those on my site: they're open, free, well documented and nice looking. If I would now make a blog, I would probably use the Minimal Mistakes theme.

A book chapter I'm writing has been listed as published, which is pretty impressive considering that I just received a copy-edited version of it for checking.

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Facial recognition fails more often on nonwhite faces, but a world where that is not the case might not be a better one.

@jc I guess anything beyond picking wild grapes is "artificial" in the sense that it does not occur naturally without human intervention?

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@BarkMarnett If you consider it a learning experience and assume things will go wrong at some point, I can recommend it. I've been learning a lot during these years.

@BarkMarnett I've used Jekyll for years. The answer is kinda yes and no. If eveything goes well, it's super easy. But if you happen to have the wrong version of Ruby etc. it can be kinda frustrating. Do you have experience with command line software?

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Last year, I published an open access paper on the fighting game community and its meta-stereotypes (stereotypes you feel others have about your group). If you're interested in seeing how meta-stereotypes may differ by out-group and what that means for people wanting to do research with gaming communities, this paper may interest you.

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