@twsh I've been reading the guide and hoping more published papers would follow this advice.

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Amidst the recent crumbling of the tech elite and science research institutions because of the Epstein case, several voices like Danah Boyd, who was honored by the @EFF are now being heard, coming to light to share the dark truths about the misogyny and deplorable systems that have allowed powerful men to misuse and abuse.


@Nentuaby Look, I don't know what to think about this, but you seem clearly confused.

Here's where they tell about Stellar (over a year ago): keybase.io/blog/keybase-stella

I read about Stellar and I don't understand the protocol but it doesn't seem to mining-based.

@Cyborgneticz I think this is one of those "be careful what you wish for" kinda things.

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My team is hiring: #Paris-based #postdoc researcher wanted to analyze the #SoftwareHeritage archive at scale, for several use cases revolving around software provenance tracking. Learn more at: softwareheritage.org/jobs/post
#research #jobs

@albin I've been reading Seveneves and it has this one part where all of humanity combined can't solve a problem until an elon musk comes along and solves it.

@CaribenxMarciaX In the Nordics they are freely distributed online so there isn't really a market for them.

The structure where the best career move in academia is being able to attract funding, rather than achieving excellent research or contributing to a nourishing environment where others can grow and do excellent research, is damaging both short-term and long-term.

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@mmin There must be previous work on the politics and sociology of references.


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