Take too hot for anywhere but here: apoliticality is a privilege.
If you want to "keep politics out of this space" then you live with the conditions that lofty political decisions will have no impact on your life. You don't live a life where the whims of some talking head can determine weather or not you have a place to sleep tomorrow, or when the next time you'll get a meal will be. To be apolitical is to have no concern for the goings-on of the status quo, which means that it benefits you.

@robertwgehl @bgcarlisle I've been doing this for a while now (couple of year? I forget) and while the bridge is not a great piece of software, otherwise the experience is pretty good.


@oneironaut If you're affiliated with a university, they probably have purchased access to a specific tool that you could also use.

GPDR lists "philosophical beliefs" among protected categories of data so this toot should be protected 

GPDR lists "philosophical beliefs" among protected categories of data so this toot should be protected 

"What's a good way to share information online? I know, a 100 mb powerpoint presentation!"

-- someone running this workshop

There's also nice off hand comments like

"When being consulted university lawyers suggest that Mary do X, but instead Mary does Y."

I didn't know we could do that!

Of course, there's no further information on when and why you can just ignore the lawyers.

Training, complaining 

Training, complaining 

Just received an advice email from our university's financial services and it was written in comic sans.

Shout out to jekyll-scholar, which automatically creates my list of publications and links the papers to the PDF files.

Website update 

@albin I've used Linux for about a decade, but honestly, I have no idea. Apparently not bad enough that I would have noticed.

@Cyborgneticz Even if you go for this route, I suggest using a manager for all the texts you collect. My Zotero library currently has 2336 texts and without a manager with great search it would be impossible to find that one text about that one thing I kinda remember reading at one point.

@albin I run Elementary on one of my laptops and its pretty great. The touchpad on that laptop is not great, so it's hard to evaluate that part, but otherwise everything just works (including some of the problems you had).

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