@mplouffe @Cyborgneticz I think you might need to sign up at University of JyvΓ€skylΓ€. (Good luck trying to pronounce that.)

@mplouffe @Cyborgneticz I don't choose, they do! They pick the games, play them and discuss the cultural/historical context in groups. I just suggest readings and help them if they get stuck.

@Sargoth The worst is when they pick titles that are on my "new games I should play"-list.

Teaching a game history course where students have to play games that are at least 10 years old and keep thinking "that game just came out, it can't be that old" only to repeatedly feel old.

I want six e-ink screens for my computer. That would be perfect for work.

warning: extreme techbro detected 

@meena @streetlight @Vierkantor I agree, learning English just to access knowledge is wasteful and ineffective. I suggest we force everyone learn some more systematic and efficient language, like Finnish. (/sarcasm)

@schratze I used to hate Windows. Then I switched to Linux. Now I hate computers.

@cadadr It's a more general term for people who are assholes in games.

@platypus According to some play scholars, you just stopped playing the game, since playing the game means accepting the unnecessary obstacle of trying to find the words for the sake of doing only that.

@jonny "there is no money to be made, so no gain" is an incredible way to frame it.

@cosullivan I don't think this question is framed in a manner that makes it possible to answer it in a constructive manner.

@plr Great find! My collection is now up to 6 articles/books, with @robertwgehl writing about the Fediverse already before Mastodon.

Fallout 4 - Brotherhood of Steel oh no 

@platypus I think it was read that way in 2015. It might not be apparent right at the start, but I think it becames increasingly clear what kind of an organisation Brotherhood of Steel is.

@plr I don't think "proximity to tenure decisions" is unconventional at all.

Pros to being Nazgul:

* Goth aesthetic
* Can't be seen during the day
* Has a small group of friends he can count on
* Here to destroy the world of men

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I wish I could block dudes with suits on the cover from my Spotify podcast recommendations.

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