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Jonne Arjoranta

@mrhood Would love to join you, but I was intimidated by the complexity (and size!) of that book. I started with Ha-Joon Chang's Economics: The User's Guide to get some economics background before diving in the deep end of the pool.

@hckiang btw, disroot looks super cool. Thanks for letting me know that it exists.

@hckiang I think it's less complicated than many make it sound.

Basically it just requires you to tell people what info you collect, get consent when that info is not essential and write all of this down in a clear manner so that people know how you operate.

For example, @mastohost managed to do it.

The law is also proportional to severity & size, so even if you fuck up, the damages are probably minimal, if not negligible.

Today I got the first GDPR-inspired mail begging me to resubcribe to a newsletter I'm pretty sure I never subscribed to.

For #wip Wednesday - I'm trying out a new sort of #machinelearning algorithm. I've trained it to classify any given name as either a metal band or a My Little Pony. Anyone got names to try?
(Delightfully, it is 99% sure I am a pony)

\m/ Call for Fucking Papers \m/

Subject: Multilingual Metal: Sociocultural, Linguistic and Literary Perspectives on Heavy Metal Lyrics

@Dialectrical Do you know about the instances and You might want to check them out.

@noctiluca That's absolutely a valid concern.

Similarly, I wouldn't want to end up defending qualitative methods as science to someone who doesn't know their philosophy of science (usually that's been physicists in my experience, but might just been my bad luck).

@bgcarlisle There doesn't seem to be an easy answer available.

It's probably best to just keep the academic community lively, so that any fringe voices stay fringe without active censorship.

The anti-vaxxer scenario seems unlikely, but it doesn't hurt to have some solutions before the problem appears.

@sciurus @TayDuMuc Oh, I could. But this was more about community standards than my preferences.

@TayDuMuc I'd rather not point fingers. The terms of use don't say anything about this, so as far as I know, they are free to post all kinds of stuff that I would deem pseudoscience.

@TayDuMuc Ugh, I was stupid to use that word. I was speaking specifically of Other instances of course do whatever they want to.

What's the take on pseudoscience and nonsense? I've now seen multiple instances of either bullshit[1] or pseudoscience being posted here.

[1] I mean 'bullshit' in the philosophical sense (Frankfurt 1986).

@DenubisX @jaranta Yeah, I regularly have to convert odd Microsoft Office graphics for a yearbook I edit. It's pretty bad.

It's pretty baffling that PowerPoint is the format scientific journals share their images in.

@drbjork I think there are 2 explanations:

1) The founder is a fanatical libertarian.

2) They just had an ICO, so they are funding it with their own not-Bitcoins.

More worrying is that they came up with their own encryption, which is probably already cracked, or will be soon.

@bgcarlisle Please post pictures of you giving your presentation in a Captain Kirk outfit.

I'm in a training in preparation to GDPR and what I learnt so far is that lawyers should not be allowed to explain the law.