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I've now witnessed two presentations from Grant Tavinor, a philosopher, presenting at to a group of mostly humanities and social sciences game studies people. Glazed eyes and dropped jaws all around, when he starts talking in analytical philosophy language about how "things obtain."

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Olli Tapio Leino and Sebastian Möring argue that the distinction between play and work has disappeared in the neo-liberal techno-culture. Games are complicit in this.

The starting keynote of from Eiji Ōtsuka traces back the history of the media-mix to the propaganda of Taisen Yokusankai during the second world war. He called it “participatory fascism.”

Conference, game studies 

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My To Read folder is again at over 100 texts. There has to be a better way to do this.

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if you’re feeling concerned about Edge sending the URL of pages you load to a Microsoft service I have bad news for you about what happens to every keystroke in Google Chrome’s omnibox

Friends, I have a new draft paper that's inspired a bit by our challenges of governance on this platform: "Admins, Mods, and Benevolent Dictators for Life: The Implicit Feudalism of Online Communities"

I'd love any comments you might have.


me, between paychecks:
"Libraries are a superior institution, tying communities together around traditions of sharing and a love of knowledge, viva la bibliotheca!"

me, on payday:
"Yes, I'd like to purchase all of these books, and could someone please help me load them into the trailer I've rented, thanks."

Inbox Zero is a scam designed to make people who don't have personal assistants feel bad about themselves for not being super human, thank you for coming to my TED talk, any opposing opinions are wrong.

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