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Do I need to use this microphone? 

For #OAWeek, we dive into the fight between academic publisher, Elsevier, and the researchers who are calling foul over their resistance to open access.

Presentation in Helsinki about play 

game studies presentation 

software gripe 

Book on non/posthuman things available for download 

Book on non/posthuman things available for download 

* SQL injection baby
* AI-adversarial genome editing
* AGPL in your DNA to make it Google resistant

A CRISPR baby but the only change is that there is an SQL injection attack coded in to the genome so that if it is ever sequenced, it drops all the tables in the company database

Unfinished Swan, Untitled Goose, Christmas Duck: A Brief Ludology of Anatidae


Folks into interactive , have a look at this game. It came out today, I haven't tried it yet, but seems very promising. [trigger warning: suicide, grief, loss]

I set out to clean my to-read list.

Goal: -100

Current total: +1

Sarcastic, complaining 

Snark about AI researchers again; Strong language 

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