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1995: installing a program on your computer
2025: crimeloading "dark apps" onto your phone

My favourite video game is the one where I try to click on the Firefox Reader Mode button before the NY Times subscription ad Javascript takes the page away

Starting today, I now have the title of docent in philosophical game studies. So I guess hit me up if you got philosophical questions about games?

Regardless of my anger, I remain an imprisoned rodent.

Trying to live the kinda life where Chuck Tingle never drags me with a satirical erotic work within a day of my mistakes going public.

Our university is ending it's deal with Refworks and everyone who had been using it is now fucked.

Me: well, actually, the Luddites weren't opposed to technology as such, they were opposed to their traditional way of life being disrupted by industrialization and capitalism, so being a "Luddite" doesn't mean you have to stop using your computer etc etc etc

Me when I see any tech news: ok I am actually opposed to technology. Bring me a hammer

there are a lot of movies with the same title: Dracula. I appreciate this because, like everybody else, my first question when I hear about a new movie is "got any draculas in it?" this way, you know it's got draculas in it.

An artist:

1. bought an Andy Warhol drawing for $20,000.
2. made 999 high-quality forgeries.
3. shuffled them.
4. sold each of the 1000 drawings for $250.

You might get the original $20,000 Warhol, but you’ll never know. This hurts my brain and I'm loving it!

It's a reasonable price for common art. No lottery. Nobody is ripped off. The artist profits hugely, yet gives away a unique item far below market value, but its receiver won't know.

It challenges our value system in very Warhol-way.

Another amazing series for Ace Week is THE MURDERBOT DIARIES by Martha Wells (which surely everyone has heard about by now, but even so).

Murderbot is asexual and possibly also aromantic. Its adventures are fast-paced and funny, not least because it is a SecUnit android who really just wants to watch re-runs of its favourite campy space opera and not have to save everyone all the time.

If you wrote a cookie "consent" thing for your web site and it has an "allow all" but not a "deny all" button

Fuck you

There have been a lot of fresh faces here recently. If you're totally new to Mastodon or the Fediverse, welcome! 👋

It works a bit like email: you only need to sign up on one site, because you can follow people on other sites as the sites talk to each other. Telephones are similar, you can call people on other phone networks without having to buy a new phone, because phone networks are all connected together.

There are lots of good reasons why the Fediverse works like this, here's a thread explaining more about this:

If you're looking for people to follow, here are a couple of good places to try:

Trunk is a community-run opt-in directory of people looking for followers, you can browse it at

FediFollows is a directory of accounts dedicated to specific topics, you can browse it at

If you have any questions about Mastodon or the Fediverse, @ me or DM me!

#FediTips #MastoTips #Fediverse #Mastodon

Why is IGI Global determined to fill my junk folder?

Climate change is caused by the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The way to combat climate change is simple: stop releasing those gases into the atmosphere. The way to stop releasing those gases into the atmosphere is also simple: stop manufacturing them and digging their precursors out of the ground. Anything that doesn't leave fossil fuels in the ground, destroy greenhouse-causing gases, or stop their manufacturer is just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic.

when you're brainwashed to see surveillance technology as a good thing and you find out that your friend has nothing but good old mechanical locks in their house, you stutter... 

p...p...put a Ring on it

reminder: Nonreplicable publications are cited more than replicable ones 



«««When the results are more “interesting,” [the review team] apply lower standards regarding their reproducibility.»»»

I noticed the other day that Researchgate had created a profile for me without my consent. To their credit, they did remove it when I asked them to, but it doesn't make it ok.

tech dystopia 

"if you don't have any of these you're not a real person"

you weary giants of flesh and steel and votes and taxes and product safety regulations and financial transparency laws and water mains and sewerage systems and annoyingly visible homeless encampments that don't respond to a single left swipe

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