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Another application rejected, this time by the EU.

I really wish I had the creative confidence of late 90s/early 00s D&D RPG designers.

"So, to conclude the Baldur's Gate 2 meeting, hat shall we call the winged elf?"
"Something airy sounding?"
"OK, Aerie, next."
"Uh... Right, Planescape planning: what shall we call the floating skull who bobs around as a reminder of mortality?"
"Morte. Done, dusted, next question."
"We've got an outlands town where everyone is backstabbing each other."
"Sounds pretty cursed to me"
"Right you are, Curst it is."

On one hand, there would be a position I could get in Poland. On the other hand, everyone I know is fleeing Poland because it is turning into a fascist theocracy. 🤔

Some manufacturers have started making e-ink computer monitors and I kinda want one.

I need every infosec person to understand that surveillance capitalism is structural, not individual, and we are not going to ethically-consume our way out of it please and thank

Going through email and finding joy in noticing that somebody has answered with an out-of-office to all the emails from a mailing list.

Nice to return to work after vacation with an article rejection.

Got a new . It's unlike anything else I have. You play people opposing the Nazi regime in the 40s. One of the scenes is designed to be played blindfolded and it comes with an audio track.

Proud of every thing I've accomplished here but it's finally time to leave Torment Nexus. Looking for my next adventure! Specialized in scream coagulation and pain substrates, if you're expanding your team let's have a conversation!

I finally have a personal site for long-form texts! 🎉

In this first post I break down the why, how and what of my little place on the internet. It's... unconventional.

Feedback welcome!

#RaspberryPi #rust #svelte #gemini #SmallTech


If you have:

- A card game (collectible, trading, living, or expandable) that you would like to see played on a stream; or:

- One you would like to come talk about on stream while playing a game

then please reply or DM here, or ping me on Discord at millenomi#2082

Or boost for visibility?

The kind of bullshit only the French could come up with:

Solving research integrity issues not with battling capitalism and perverse incentives, but forcing full grown adults who have acquired PhDs after two and a bit decades of education to *take an oath*.

Good lord. What a farce.

Today, we’re unveiling the next chapter in our story:

Torment Nexus is now Nexy™ ✨

This isn’t just an updated look - it’s a whole new world of pain. We hope you’ll explore the future of torment with us at trynexy.scream

Anyone have any idea who Ashley Hull is? I got a request to participate in a "Mastodon Admin Survey", but the email is light on details and the address it was sent from bounces – the domain has nothing either. Not gonna click on any links before I know what's up.

I'm almost ready to file this as a phishing attempt, but it would be a pity if it was just a case of a badly conducted survey with good intentions.

Still reading Glitch. First game stuff starts around page 100. The fiction is still great, not sure if I ever would want to run this. The part where I would have to explain things to my players fills me with horror.

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If you mostly let AI decide what to read and who to interact with, I am sorry to tell you this, but you might be an NPC.

If a Pixelfed instance is closed, is there a way to create new accounts, either by invite or manually? I have admin access to the instance, but can't find anything like that.

Suffering from a sports injury*

* left thumb joint hurts from playing Nintendo Switch

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