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Just saw for the first time an academic advertising how they're sharing data for their Patreon supporters.

Looking at an old vim-pandoc issue from @twsh and trying to get my vim to find my bibliography.

I wish academic papers were all freely available and in EPUB format.


I forgot to make a backup of my pandoc templates before I switched work computers!!!!

fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuck 🤬

2-year postdoc researcher at the University of Helsinki

"The appointed candidate is expected to perform research on Nordic forest policies using qualitative methods while working in the context of an interdisciplinary consortium involving three Universities."

From ScholarOne:

"Blocking pop-ups on this site may prevent peer-review related e-mails from being sent."

How badly do you need to fuck up your website if blocking pop-ups can stop emails from being sent?

It just happened for the first time: I bought a role-playing game only to find out that I already own it.

"The rollout of bitcoin in El Salvador so far is playing out like a car crash in slow motion."

A country with a crypto-bro as a dictator. 😬

Reading an older paper that says that earlier versions have been presented in different venues over the past four years. Imagine having the time to develop a paper for four years.

At least they know this at work, since I got a weird dongle thing without asking. It has all the ports that the computer itself is missing. But it means I have to carry around this weird block containing all kinds of ports because Apple decided that you can't connect anything to their computers.

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I got a new Macbook from work and I can no longer charge my work iPhone from it, because it doesn't have any connectors compatible with the iPhone. 🤦

My favourite sentence in a book description 

"At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied."

My computer has gone through quite many upgrades already. Is there a log that I could use to figure out which version of Ubuntu it started out with?

This song by Bloodywood says that they "cannot stay neutral in the face of fascism and communalism". I don't know anything about Indian politics. Can anyone explain what "communalism" means in the Indian context?

Ever wondered how those "publish quickly in our Scopus indexed journal"-scams work? Here's one example, where they hijacked a domain and sold paper publications until Scopus noticed.

Nothing warms the heart like a request for free labour from a book publisher first thing in the morning.

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