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I worked for a while in the research project "Hybrid Social Play," where we studied hybrid board , transmedia, money games and toys. The final report has guidelines for design, research articles, case studies etc.

You can find the research report here:

Tomorrow is the Mastoversary! We have been online for an entire year!

I just paid the VPS ($107.98) for the next year, and I'm in a good place financially to do so

If you were inclined to give money to support Scholar Social, donate it to another Masto instance or another worthy cause of your choosing!

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Swag from "The Realm of Games" by Elina Lappalainen.

What sets humans apart from other animals?

Professor Alexandra Horowitz has the perfect answer: obsession with that very question.

Time I will never get back: formatting articles according to different journals idiosyncratic styles.

Humble Bundle has a good collection of game studies books in a DRM-free multi-format bundle.

Do you trust this computer? A speculative documentary on what society will look like with AI in it.

The Guardian has an article on evocative LARP that explores political problems, including Haluat hisar, which I participated in -

Do we have a social media button that people can add to webpages, signatures, etc?

My abstract was accepted into . Come hear me talk about interpretation as a game mechanic and as a challenge. See you in Turin!

I have a lecture next week and I had the noble intention of preparing it well in advance. It... didn't happen.

This review of Petersons "12 Rules of Life" is an excellent summary of intellectual history and shows how reactionary readings equating postmodernism with Marxism are both lazy and wrong.

Hi, I'm a postdoctoral researcher in and , with a background in . I like tools, write in and make for fun.

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