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Who's that in your AVI, Jasmine?

That's a screenshot from the film Irma Vep (1996, Olivier Assayas) with Maggie Cheung.

Besides being a fantastic and dizzying/disorienting film, I have a soft spot for it bc I first watched it in a class with Prof. Yiman Wang, who would advise my undergraduate thesis! Here's the essay that she wrote on Maggie Cheung and the film Irma Vep:

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Hi all! I’m starting my PhD in American Culture/Digital Studies at UM Ann Arbor in... oh man, less than a week!

Research interests include:
- Asian American and Comparative Ethnic Studies
- digital visual cultures
- social media mapping/ethnography/networking
- digital strategies of resistance (asterisks by all of that)

Personal interests:
- prison/police abolition
- post-left theory
- the smell of jasmine after a light rain

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Update: #iHazPDF 

related: does someone have aaarg access and they can invite me? been trying to get one and I would rly like it pls pls pls


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"What does freedom mean in an academic economy structured to reward obedience? No thinking person buys the myth of merit. Academe is filled with mediocrities who achieved stardom by flattering the ruling class. Already, then, freedom is tenuous because livelihood is contingent on respectability, itself contingent on pleasing the ruling elite. Cultures of online exchange promise a kind of freedom, but more than anything they illuminate the preponderance of coercion."

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Long live the Ferguson Uprising! 

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This is important work -- but the quality of the study is not contingent on whether or not you interview these fuckheads

"academics studying the alt-right and ethnonationalism stop interviewing these people" challenge

Oh, and, like, this is also a resource for other people venturing into a field that has a TON of literature but is also very new and updating (lol) all the time

I am making a Big Zotero Bibliography of Digital Studies for my preliminary exams

Please add things that you think are essential and (so far) missing from the bib! I am still in the process of adding citations too but this work is boring on your own.

For every person who claims that "we are at 'show me your papers' levels of fascism now,"

Might I remind you of SB 1070 in Arizona? "The Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act" ? Never mind that parts of the initial bill were walked back, because the fact that such a bill PASSED in Arizona in 2010 should have been alarm bells for everyone.

we have BEEN at "show me your papers" levels. For a long ass time.

Thank you again to @bgcarlisle for taking swift action to block another Gab server

That David Bond character is specifically a fascist pick-up artist who targets Asian women. He can fuck off (and thats me being mild and diplomatic, thank u)

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I mean!

[img description: the distracted boyfriend meme, where the girl in the red dress is labeled “jokes about your assigned FBI agent watching you through your webcam;” the upset girlfriend is labeled “jokes about the network of Amazon and Facebook marketplace sales reps monitoring your likes, clicks, and searches to sell you more shit;” the distracted boyfriend is labeled “y’all”]

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