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Who's that in your AVI, Jasmine?

That's a screenshot from the film Irma Vep (1996, Olivier Assayas) with Maggie Cheung.

Besides being a fantastic and dizzying/disorienting film, I have a soft spot for it bc I first watched it in a class with Prof. Yiman Wang, who would advise my undergraduate thesis! Here's the essay that she wrote on Maggie Cheung and the film Irma Vep:

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Hi all! I’m starting my PhD in American Culture/Digital Studies at UM Ann Arbor in... oh man, less than a week!

Research interests include:
- Asian American and Comparative Ethnic Studies
- digital visual cultures
- social media mapping/ethnography/networking
- digital strategies of resistance (asterisks by all of that)

Personal interests:
- prison/police abolition
- post-left theory
- the smell of jasmine after a light rain

True to form, I submitted my paper twice - one version is a Word doc and the other is a Google doc, because I couldn't resist using animated GIFs to illustrate my points in my paper. Sadly, Word doesn't like to keep animated GIFs animated... hence submitting it twice. The point doesn't get across if the image is static!!!!!!!!!!

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Film recommendation: thoughts on US pol, activist academic, political expression Show more

If someone does a dissertation on internet affect and millennial humor you better fucking call it “Big Mood: Blah blah blah”

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Notre Dame Show more

The Gargoyles of Notre Dame: Medievalism and the Monsters of Modernity by Michael Camille Show more

on gargoyles Show more

“Cultural treasures” are part of a nationalizing project too

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So like... who coined the term “meatspace?”

Read More Sylvia Wynter Show more

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*stubbornly incorporating Situationist thought into everything i do*

What I Want to Read This Summer Show more

What I Want to Read This Summer Show more

What I Want to Read This Summer Show more

What I Want to Read This Summer Show more

What I Want to Read This Summer Show more

What I Want to Read This Summer Show more

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