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Who's that in your AVI, Jasmine?

That's a screenshot from the film Irma Vep (1996, Olivier Assayas) with Maggie Cheung.

Besides being a fantastic and dizzying/disorienting film, I have a soft spot for it bc I first watched it in a class with Prof. Yiman Wang, who would advise my undergraduate thesis! Here's the essay that she wrote on Maggie Cheung and the film Irma Vep:

update -- Massive CW for misogyny, threats of a mass shooting, gun violence (Ann Arbor, MI) -- update 

apparently they "identified" and found the guy who posted the threat and deemed it "not credible"


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Massive CW for misogyny, threats of a mass shooting, gun violence (Ann Arbor, MI) 

How do I make them feel safe? Feel comfortable sharing their fears with me? How can I ask them to come to class this coming week? What can I do, pedagogically, emotionally, intellectually?

I'm really not trained for this!

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Massive CW for misogyny, threats of a mass shooting, gun violence (Ann Arbor, MI) 

Additionally, there have been hints that this was brewing in Southeastern Michigan for a while, long before this threat circulated on social media, with escalating Proud Boy and Patriot Front vandalisms in the area. Incel shit is usually only 1.5 steps away from organized fash, so this does not shock me at all.

But also -- how on earth am I supposed to support my students through a potential mass shooting?

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Massive CW for misogyny, threats of a mass shooting, gun violence (Ann Arbor, MI) 

I honestly don't believe in campus cops' ability to mitigate an active shooter, or to investigate/prevent this kind of act when cops are almost always abusers and misogynists in the first place.

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Massive CW for misogyny, threats of a mass shooting, gun violence (Ann Arbor, MI) 

Unverified shooter threat against UMich women next Monday circulates on social media, [campus cops] to increase risk mitigation measures

I hate it here.

oh no

Duke Press fall sale is happening again, there goes my money!

Here is a 9-chapter study on Haitian migrant women in Tapachula, Chiapas, MX, and their experiences of migration, anti-Blackness, gendered and sexual violence.

Chapter 3 details historical patterns of Haitians arriving in Mexico, which can help contextualize some of the images that have been circulating of Haitian migrants being whipped by Border Patrol at the US-Mexico Border (from UC Hastings)

LEO reaches tentative agreement with the University of Michigan after nine months of negotiations

"The tentative agreement includes a $51,000 starting salary for lecturers on all three University campuses starting in the 2023-2024 school year. The salary increase is a $10,000 jump for lecturers on the Flint and Dearborn campuses, fulfilling one of LEO’s demands for pay parity across all three campuses. "

Staff and Clients Allege SafeHouse Center is Mismanaged and a “Racist, Toxic” Environment (Ann Arbor) 

""Former clients, all of whom are Black, sharply criticized what they saw as systemic racism, and paternalistic policies in place at SafeHouse. In particular, the clients talked about the predominantly white management, being forced to clean the shelter, having a curfew imposed, being forbidden from having food or drinks in their rooms, and unannounced room inspections."

Faculty at Oakland University in Michigan are on strike!

"While there is a small salary increase on the table, it is offset in cuts to health and retirement.

Additionally, the university is also trying to cut the salaries of part-time lecturers who earn $25,000 and teach about half of the classes."

Check out CNC-UM's Disorientation Guide here:

"During Summer 2021, undergraduate students founded Care Not Cops at UMich-Ann Arbor because they believe that the
student body has the power and agency to motivate change on our university’s campus. We wrote this disorientation guide to
undermine and critique the shiny, beautiful narratives sold to you during Move-In week, during orientation, and during the first week
of classes."

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"Care Not Cops at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor is a student organization which aims to defund and reduce ties with the University of Michigan Police Department, with the ultimate goal of PIC abolition on University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus."

"Currently, the minimum salary for a Lecturer I on the Ann Arbor campus is $51,000. The equivalent position at both the Flint and Dearborn campuses has a minimum salary of $41,000."

"Critics question whether laws like the POST Act are simply another police reform that fails to limit police power and instead legitimizes violent surveillance practices against Black and brown communities."

"in our anticipation of ‘midnight’ (or the terminal) we fail to understand that the terminal is already here, defining our relationship to terminality’s other—interminability or repetition." oooooooooooooo

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"As opposed to biopolitics’ emphasis on control over prescribing forms of life, cruel mathematics works at the level of the bios-political, or ways of life. Central to understanding cruel mathematics is what Sylvia Wynter calls a biocentric genre of the human, which was inaugurated by the Darwinian rupture in planetary thinking, and the diffusion of the concept of natural selection and equally, that of dysselection"

*clap clap clapclapclap*

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"it is indispensable that we first develop a robust epistemological scaffolding for ‘catastrophe’ itself, not as Event, but as a political category or concept that offers an analytic for the manner in which people structure their political and social lives"


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The Interminable Catastrophe by Bedour Alagraa

"Without destabilizing our core assumptions about catastrophe, we run the risk of rendering theory inept for confronting this predicament [of our earth’s ecology and its assumed life-span], and equally run the risk of complicity with the overdetermination of empirical or social science interpretations and political offerings concerning what is essentially a problem for which we have yet to develop an adequate grammar. "

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