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Who's that in your AVI, Jasmine?

That's a screenshot from the film Irma Vep (1996, Olivier Assayas) with Maggie Cheung.

Besides being a fantastic and dizzying/disorienting film, I have a soft spot for it bc I first watched it in a class with Prof. Yiman Wang, who would advise my undergraduate thesis! Here's the essay that she wrote on Maggie Cheung and the film Irma Vep:

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Hi all! I’m starting my PhD in American Culture/Digital Studies at UM Ann Arbor in... oh man, less than a week!

Research interests include:
- Asian American and Comparative Ethnic Studies
- digital visual cultures
- social media mapping/ethnography/networking
- digital strategies of resistance (asterisks by all of that)

Personal interests:
- prison/police abolition
- post-left theory
- the smell of jasmine after a light rain

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"'Gender abolitionism' is shorthand for the ambition to construct a society where traits currently assembled under the rubric of gender, no longer furnish a grid for the asymmetric operation of power." -Xenofeminist Manifesto

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Facebook has been censoring this post to raise funds to transport women and children of the caravan. Let's circulate the shit out of it on the #fediverse.

This journey for asylum seekers is treacherous- miles on foot, fighting sickness and fatigue and state violence.

This rad organizer Jessie Sandoval is on the ground organizing transport to those most vulnerable - making a weeks long trek on foot a short and safe trip on a bus.

More info:

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"By making labor into a category of capitalism, Postone does not mean to make the nonsensical claim that previous societies have never involved labor, but rather that these societies did not conceive of what we call labor as labor, as expressions of an undifferentiated productive capacity. This conception only arises with the general commodification of human activity..."

Communism Might Last a Million Years by Jasper Bernes

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I'm looking for Feminist/Marxist/Autonomist writings on the politics of infrastructure and circulation. Any recommendations?

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"Silicon Valley & the New Capitalism"
Richard Walker, professor emeritus of geography at the University of California, Berkeley, discusses his new book, ‘Pictures of a Gone City: Tech and the Dark Side of Prosperity in the San Francisco Bay Area’ with journalist Chris Hedges. The book reveals Silicon Valley’s tech-giant elitism, its role as a symbol of new capitalism, and the dark world of underpaid workers who lack security and rising homelessness.

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Tu corazón es un arma del tamaño del puño. Sigue luchando. Sigue amando.

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"The coalition emerges out of your recognition that it’s fucked up for you in the same way that we’ve already recognized that it’s fucked up for us. I don't need your help. I just need you to recognize that this shit is killing you, too, however much more softly..."


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It's likely that we'll soon see the flourishing of a right-wing ecological politics, a movement that will argue that we must close/militarize borders in order to preserve the "native" environment from waves of destructive, diseased, and desecrating climate refugees.

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I'm not just idly making a point here, literally please tell me if someone is doing this so i can calm down a little bit people, make yourselves useful please

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I often think about how the Immigration and Naturalization Services used to be housed under the US Department of Labor (1933-1940) and was then switched to the US Department of Justice (where it remained until 2003, when it was transferred to the Department of Homeland Security).

The switch from labor to justice to security should illuminate how the US views immigration and naturalization, and for what purposes.

Note that the threat of an executive order removing birthright citizenship under the 14th amendment comes mere days after right-wing militias and the army are mobilize to "protect" the US-Mexico border against caravans of migrants.

You might want to ask, "whose birthright citizenship will be scrutinized first?"

Trump eyeing executive order to end citizenship for children born in U.S. to noncitizens

I really hope that everyone who thought that the "anchor baby" discourse was just hot air is walking that particular line of thought back after this 😊

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