Hi scholar.social, I'm starting my PhD in American Culture at UM Ann Arbor this fall. I'm a Baby Academic!

Research Interests:
- social media ethnography
- cultural studies
- internet historiography and narrative
- gifs
- Asian American and Comparative Ethnic Studies
- surveillance capitalism

Personal Interests:
- prison abolition
- cats
- bread



Hi all! I’m starting my PhD in American Culture/Digital Studies at UM Ann Arbor in... oh man, less than a week!

Research interests include:
- Asian American and Comparative Ethnic Studies
- digital visual cultures
- social media mapping/ethnography/networking
- digital strategies of resistance (asterisks by all of that)

Personal interests:
- prison/police abolition
- post-left theory
- the smell of jasmine after a light rain

Fuck, forgot to list my pronouns - they/she please!

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pronouns: they/them

I'm a PhD student in American Culture/Digital Studies at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Research interests include:
- digital visual cultures
- contemporary theories of resistance and radical politics
- prison abolition
- fascism and white supremacy
- infrastructure studies

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@jasminee - nice - if you need a sound track try NPR = normal people's rebellion at www.kvrx.org - student radio from the university of texas at austin. twitter.com/PhilipGoetz/status

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