preempting dissent by Elmer and Opel 

I like the premise of this book a lot (analyzing the suppression of political dissent via faith-based politics and fear)

BUT there’s zero mention of race, and “terrorism”/the figure of the terrorist is going completely unproblematized/unanalyzed, and is taken for granted 😒 come on


preempting dissent by Elmer and Opel 

I don’t think that any analysis of state surveillance and societies of control can escape talking about race and if they do I don’t really trust it!

preempting dissent by Elmer and Opel 

k they used “ghettoization” and South African apartheid as metaphors

Without talking about race

Coooooooooooool 😤🙄

preempting dissent by Elmer and Opel 

also this mini book was published a whole ass year after Jasbir Puar’s “Terrorist Assemblages” therefore these two professors (whole ass professors!!!!) have no excuse for being so sloppy re: race

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