Defund every police department, including university police departments

If your admin sent out an email about "police brutality" and "racial injustice" but doesn't want to defund their campus police, they don't really care about white supremacy or the lives of their black students, faculty, and staff

In 2015, Ann Arbor Police killed an unarmed Black mother of 3, Aura Rosser, 5 minutes after entering her home

Six months later, the police chief who presided over AAPD when Aura Rosser was murdered was hired by the University of Michigan as housing security director

Not only did the Ann Arbor Police Department give Aura Rosser's murderer keep him on the force, they gave him a promotion

And the University of Michigan chose to keep collaborating with cops by hiring the presiding police chief (who still works for UM).

Fuck the police, fuck the campus cops, fuck John Seto and David Ried

and specifically

Faculty who put the BLM hashtag in their bios or tweet it out or whatever need to seriously target and call out the fascists that walk through their campuses

FUCK campus cops and fuck faculty who dont see campus cops as part of the white supremacy they claim to oppose

Aura Rosser Lives! -- Abolition Now

"Today we continue to struggle in Aura Rosser’s memory. Aura was a beautiful artist who loved to cook. She had three children and was struggling with mental health.

Instead of helping her, Ann Arbor Police officer David Ried fired the shots that killed her on the night of November 10, 2014. What’s happened since then?"

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