Here’s what the majority of my union wants to walk out over:

one of the deans of my university just sent an email encouraging faculty to SCAB

claiming some kind of concern for undergrads when really that concern is only for the undergrad as a student-consumer, not prioritizing health and safety and wellness at this campus

fuck the university fuck deans fuck admin and UP THE STRIKE

University of Michigan graduate student strike 

If you'd like to show your solidarity with UM graduate students, sign up for a virtual picket shift here:


The University of Michigan twitter account retweeted a "happy labor day" graphic

and then 20 minutes later retweeted the UM public affairs account that included the anti-strike statement (link here: )

Here's a link to the LEO* union's statement on the grad student strike:

*lecturer's union


UM GEO 3550 Strike Day 1 

This is an illegal strike. There is a no-strike clause in our contract that only allows us to “walk out” while we’re negotiating a new contract. There could be massive repercussions but we need all of higher ed, all union labor, to have their eyes on our strike. Only with pressure from grad students, faculty, undergrads, and people outside of the University of Michigan will the administration listen to any of our demands.

UM GEO 3550 Strike Day 1 

We’re striking for universal remote work for ALL workers, not just grad students, a universal $2500 emergency grant for all grad students, lifting restrictions on childcare subsidies, and defunding campus cops by 50%. These are incredible demands and as one of the oldest grad student unions, it’s our responsibility to push the most radical demands and really bring thjs university to its knees.

Up the strike!
Down with admin!

UM GEO 3550 Strike Day 2 

Please fill out this form to auto send a letter in support of the GEO strike:

If you’re an academic or connected to a university, please consider making a public statement of support of GEO 3550 and our fight for a safe and just campus!

UM GEO 3550 Strike Day 2 

the university is still telling students to scab by going to classes, and this being the University of Michigan (p conservative despite what some people think), those students are eating it up. There are a handful of undergrads who support us but they are in the minority.

There’s a lesson to be learned from this, and it’s that no grad student organizer should write off undergrad support (something I’ve seen union leadership do in the past...)

UM GEO 3550 Strike Day 2 

anyways, please support me and my union. We’re fighting for a lot and we need to remind the state of Michigan, the university, and academia how powerful one of the oldest graduate student unions can be

UM GEO 3550 Strike Day 2 

Campus police at UM Ann Arbor were only armed in the 1990s, and were armed because Ann Arbor city police were reluctant to crack down on anti-racist student protestors

This says SO MUCH about what the actual role of campus pigs are. Safety my ass.


UM GEO 3550 Strike Day 2 

Holy shit, residential advisors (who are literally working in the dorms that are soon to be infected with COVID) are also going on strike

UM GEO 3550 Strike Day 2 

There’s a solidarity fund, accessible here:

Please kick some money our way, because we’re trying to cover the lost wages for all the construction workers who refused to cross our picket line. This will require tons of support. Please boost and share!

UM GEO 3550 Strike Day 3 


been too busy to update everyone

but we were made an offer, it was shitty and insulting! so we turned it the fuck down and kept on striking. meanwhile, solidarity from undergrads and faculty grows

UM GEO 3550 Strike Day 3 

@jasminee stay strong and hold steady, y'all are doing hard, important work and i'm so with you

passing your links on to friends here so we can watch and learn. you're not alone ✊


UM GEO 3550 Strike Day 3 

@hvincent thank you so much!!!!!

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