YouTube, Zoom and Facebook censor Leila Khaled for Israel 

"Zoom, the web-based videoconferencing platform, announced Tuesday evening that it was prohibiting SFSU from using its software to host a planned webinar on Wednesday with Leila Khaled, the Palestinian resistance icon who is now in her seventies and lives in Jordan."

censoring Leila Khaled, guest speakers, Zoom bullshit

its fascinating that the university contracts with Zoom prioritize FERPA but don't allow any autonomy for individual institutions to host speaking events



censoring Leila Khaled, guest speakers, Zoom bullshit 

and that once the Zoom event was canceled, both YouTube and Facebook took down the event and the livestream as well.

Zoom censoring Palestine (again)

"Zoom unilaterally canceled the University of Hawai'i event on Wednesday, two days before the webinar—mirroring its actions against San Francisco State, with reports of other cancelations today including at NYU, where Senior Staff Attorney Radhika Sainath is scheduled to speak. Facebook also deleted an event at the University of Western Ontario within hours of it being posted, and organizers had their accounts immediately disabled."


Zoom, huhhhh wtf 

Janet Napolitano, former head of Department of Homeland Security and University of California chancellor, just joined Zoom's board of directors

what the fuuuuck

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