The passing of Haunani-Kay Trask is hitting me quite hard, I am so shocked and saddened by her loss.


From a Native Daughter: Colonialism and Sovereignty in Hawai'i was an earthshattering text for me as an undergrad. Her work and her writing was foundational to my political understanding of the US, settler colonialism, "Asian American" hegemony.

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"Arguing that Asians, too, have a nation in Hawai'i, the 'local' identity tag blurs the history of Hawai'i's only Indigenous people while staking a settler claim. Any complicity in the subjugation of Hawaiians is denied by the assertion that Asians, too, comprise a 'nation'... The intra-settler competition between haole and Asians is a hallmark of colonial situations. Such contests serve, especially if severe, to mask even further the dispossession and marginalization of Natives."

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