The Interminable Catastrophe by Bedour Alagraa

"Without destabilizing our core assumptions about catastrophe, we run the risk of rendering theory inept for confronting this predicament [of our earth’s ecology and its assumed life-span], and equally run the risk of complicity with the overdetermination of empirical or social science interpretations and political offerings concerning what is essentially a problem for which we have yet to develop an adequate grammar. "

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"it is indispensable that we first develop a robust epistemological scaffolding for ‘catastrophe’ itself, not as Event, but as a political category or concept that offers an analytic for the manner in which people structure their political and social lives"


"As opposed to biopolitics’ emphasis on control over prescribing forms of life, cruel mathematics works at the level of the bios-political, or ways of life. Central to understanding cruel mathematics is what Sylvia Wynter calls a biocentric genre of the human, which was inaugurated by the Darwinian rupture in planetary thinking, and the diffusion of the concept of natural selection and equally, that of dysselection"

*clap clap clapclapclap*

"in our anticipation of ‘midnight’ (or the terminal) we fail to understand that the terminal is already here, defining our relationship to terminality’s other—interminability or repetition." oooooooooooooo

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