teaching in-person, impending monkeypox and covid outbreaks 

This fall is going to be a nightmare with both Covid and monkeypox circulating unimpeded throughout college classrooms and dormitories. It's Fall 2020 all over again, with even fewer protections for workers + teachers, let alone students. I personally am keeping a mask requirement in my classroom, but I worry about "enforcing" it if the campus policy is even more *shrug* than the CDC's new bullshit


teaching in-person, impending monkeypox and covid outbreaks 

I was on the phone with a nurse yesterday regarding some (non-COVID) illness and we got to talking about monkeypox and she said, "yeah, it's not a question of if, it's a question of when," and when I mentioned that the graduate worker union was not prepared to strike again this fall, she was like, "oh no, you need to be."

So. There's that. A strike for health and safety, seems necessary, again. A strike that we LOST, might I remind you

teaching in-person, multiple pandemics 

this is from my graduate student instructor section syllabus for my students. i can only hope that this inspires my students to care for me and their peers by wearing a fucking mask despite the lack of indoor mask mandate...

teaching in-person, impending monkeypox and covid outbreaks 

@jasminee I'm in K-12 and I'm kiiiiiinda terrified

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