Been reading The Denial of Anti-Blackness by João Costa-Vargas and it’s very very good (OCR in replies)


It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally ready to launch the Rustbelt Abolitionist Campus Coalition (RACC) next week! With folks from UM, University of Minnesota, the DefundUIPD Coalition, Uchicago Care Not Cops, and MSU homies.

Please join us for this event next Friday, May 21, 2021 at 6pm. Register here:

considering putting a land acknowledgment in my syllabus even though we're remote

the university land acknowledgement is trash, imho, but whaddya expect ...

anyways, here's mine:

UM GEO 3550 Strike Day 2 

Campus police at UM Ann Arbor were only armed in the 1990s, and were armed because Ann Arbor city police were reluctant to crack down on anti-racist student protestors

This says SO MUCH about what the actual role of campus pigs are. Safety my ass.


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currently reading 

Anthony Ryan Hatch and Kym Bradley, “Prisons Matter: Psychotropics and the Trope of Silence in Technocorrections,” in Mattering, ed. Victoria Pitts-Taylor (New York: NYU Press, 2016), 224–41.

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UCSC grad student workers can have little a COLA, as a treat (update, birdsite link) 

from Black Rose Bay Area’s twitter:

“Some of those cited and released today were given 14 day academic suspensions — a condition of which is a ‘stay away from campus’ clause.

All who were cited and live in on campus housing (dorms, etc.) are being left functionally houseless for the next 14 days.”

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I currently have a hold on my student account for $120 because the University of Michigan charges *me* to work for them. Fellowships cover student fees. Why don’t our tuition waivers and stipends also cover them??

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[img description: a photo i took of my pdf of Wendy Chun’s Updating to Remain the Same while also waiting to update the software on my Macbook. The update says its going to take an hour]

I mean!

[img description: the distracted boyfriend meme, where the girl in the red dress is labeled “jokes about your assigned FBI agent watching you through your webcam;” the upset girlfriend is labeled “jokes about the network of Amazon and Facebook marketplace sales reps monitoring your likes, clicks, and searches to sell you more shit;” the distracted boyfriend is labeled “y’all”]

hugely unethical research; literally paid protestors; fuck the academy and fuck this

Whew I just

I really

I cannot see this as anything other than some State Department psyop shit that needlessly endangers the subjects that the scholars dont really seem to care about

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Katja Valaskivi and Johanna Sumiala, “Circulating Social Imaginaries: Theoretical and Methodological Reflections,” European Journal of Cultural Studies 17, no. 3 (2014): 234.

Yeah I was losing my shit

[img: a photo of Saidiya Hartman lecturing in front of an audience, I drew a reddish pink heart around her head. I also added text to the image: “Saidiya Hartman discussing her new book, speculative histories of wayward black girls, the use of reformatory and state documents to ‘write a history of the chorus from inside the chorus’ - remaking and making intimate life” and “waywardness as a body of practices... associated with the queer, the fugitive, the anarchic...”]

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Wheeee! Really excited for this talk on white nationalism by Prof Alexandra Minna Stern

I have no excuse for making these “memes” (a poor attempt to mash up sparking joy from Marie Kondo and sparks of hope from Walter Benjamin, please forgive me)

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The Prison Strike Challenges Ableism and Defends Disability Rights

What I love about this article is that it breaks down each of the 10 demands (attached as a photo here) and how they relate to disability/what that demand means for incarcerated disabled people - especially the inhumane conditions (solitary confinement, rotting food, inadequate medical care) inside prisons and how those can exacerbate disabilities

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