I have just had an epiphany—"a monad is just a monoid in the category of endomorphisms" is the category theorist's "the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell" :D

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This is monilaria moniliformis, and it’s a succulent that looks like little fuzzy bunnies.

I hope you’re having a nice afternoon! 💚

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Hey folks, if you’re still on birdsite, please help me boost this tweet:


Let’s get some more folks on Mastodon and the fediverse while also raising awareness about surveillance capitalism.

Thanks in advance :)


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The World President took the call.
"All right, Dr Dastard, what are your demands?"
"Media always talk about my inventions and schemes, and call me 'mad scientist' or 'evil genius'."
"I can't control media-
"But it's not just me! It's never a lone genius! My team deserves credit!"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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radar.squat.net is an alternative and radical events agenda. It lists events at autonomous and community spaces that are generally either free or entry on donation

It would be great to see more events from other places around the world listed.


#squattheplanet #freespaces #radar

*please boost for visibility*

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The science are multiplying!

I don't know the lower left moon language, but I'll try to translate the Swedish one:

'An inventor living in some backwater
wrote to the patent bureau last quarter
"I've halted the flow,
made vacuum-dried H2O,
you only need to add water!"'

Logically pedantic readings of song lyrics 

Proof. The first premise implies (L b b), from which the result follows by the second premise.

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Logically pedantic readings of song lyrics 

Everybody loves my baby
∀x. L x b

But my baby don't love nobody but me
∀x. L b x → x = m
Therefore I am my own baby
b = m

(Seen in Smullyan's A Beginner's Guide to Mathematical Logic)

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When you're browsing on Firefox and you accident open in a new window instead of a new tab.

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Imperial space station classes

1. Death Star
2. Serious-Injury Planet
3. Bruise Moon
4. Insult Asteroid
5. Make-You-Feel-Unwelcome-But-Don't-Actually-Do-Or-Say-Anything-Overtly-Hostile Micrometeorite

Publishing mediums, academic journals vs. conferences, theoretical CS 

Of course, journals have their own issues...

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Publishing mediums, academic journals vs. conferences, theoretical CS 

As a mathematician going on to do a PhD in theoretical , i.e. someone going from a journal-based publishing model to a conference-based one, I sometimes ponder the effectiveness of the as a means of disseminating new .

This recent article about highlights some of my concerns..


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Tim Pennings noticed that his Welsh corgi, Elvis, seemed to follow the optimal path when chasing a ball thrown into Lake Michigan — Elvis seemed to realize that he ran faster than he swam, and so could minimize his retrieval time by racing intelligently along the beach before jumping into the water. But how did he make these judgments?

“We confess that although he made good choices, Elvis does not know calculus,” Pennings wrote. “In fact, he has trouble differentiating even simple polynomials.”

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In a crushing blow to digital rights, Australia has joined the UK in claiming the right to secretly compel tech companies to re-engineer software and hardware so it can be used to spy on their users. eff.org/deeplinks/2018/12/new-

Hi, I'm Josh! :)
I'm a soon-to-be PhD student in the computational group at the University of Innsbruck, where I'll be working on automated proving and formal ! Basically, this means I get computers to automate logical reasoning, which helps greatly in providing rigorous guarantees of the safety of real-world systems (computer hardware, internet protocols, self-driving cars, ...).

Looking forward to meeting cool new people here! :)

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