It seems I might be able to edit a special issue in a regionally (=German speaking countries) important journal, on one of my favorite topics with one of my favorite collaborators. 🎉 First, though: Proposal stage.

Discovered a piece of art at a building I had passed many times without noticing this. The chain is actually functional, stabilizing an awning over the main entrance.

Working on a final polish of my post doctoral thesis. The nice part is that I don't just catch typos, but also arguments that I need to revise because I continued learning after originally finishing this draft. But, let's be honest, I will be glad when I have submitted it :)

Little 'memorial' of the time when students at Wuppertal University got 'concert bands' when they were cleared to enter uni buildings.

Just a few more hours till our "English language learning & " multiplier event in Wuppertal :)

Day four at "All means all". We have a bunch of videos, some of which has been transcribed already. We also have bits and pieces of text. We need a finished textbook chapter by Friday 😱

Third day of the "All means all" workshop. We are developing s for with an focus.

Thanks to COVID19, I am stuck at home, joining in via Zoom. I *bet* the food in Italy is horrible, and the landscape in Bressano is no better than my view from the balcony.... (No, I don't want to know how much I am missing...)

My favorite kind of procrastination: Grant writing ;) Not yet in the writing phase, but in the 'just thinking aloud in growing group sizes' phase ;)

New article by me 

Bit of a labour of love by my co-author and I, a duoethnography on teaching second language listening. :boost_requested: :cc_nc_us: :CreativeCommons: :OpenAccess:

I am doing a cumulative Habilitation, so this manuscript is only the introduction/summary that goes with the core of my Habil (=a pile of published papers). Still....

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Re-reading my Habilitation manuscript, and wondering how I managed to produce so many pages of meaningless drivel... I got my advisor's "go" to submit it (after some stylistic edits), but gosh...

My chili plants are thriving. I should throw some of their fertilizer on one or two of my papers and see what happens...

Finished the first season of . Not as good as the , of course, but I cannot imagine a better screen adaption. It is a work of beauty.

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Raw minced pork on bread, topped with onion rings - a traditional German dish (often served as a hedgehog shaped mound of raw mince with onions as spikes).
Now available in a vegan/vegetarian version, too 😍

So far (episode 7), the Netflix looks like a lesser sibling - but a sibling, not a clownish imitation - of the original. Beautifully made, true to the graphic novel, even in its deviations from it. The only thing standing between it and utter perfection is that the original graphic novel had even *more* impact.

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Really enjoying it so far, even though "24 hours" has me worried... This was.... intense in the original, and I don't expect they toned it down.

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It's going to be a very warm day, and I hope to cool off with a bit of questionnaire processing. As some of these need to be anonymized properly first, I am doing all the sorting and scanning myself. Glad we have a really nice scanner/printer at home, pays off big time!

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