Bread fresh from the oven, a large veggie platter, ice cold Club Mate, livestream is on and sparkling wine waiting in the fridge. Ready for !

(The German pre- livestream is weird! They have included the traditional Saturday religious devotional into their program. The theologian actually commented on biblical texts & Eurovision song texts....)

German TV is famously crappy at accessibility, but this time around, they made an effort. offers the original livestream, a German one, a signed one, and one with audiodescription.

I have absolutely no taste in music - I don't even like it that much! Finland's contribution was kinda enjoyable though, and France's was... something? Definitely memorable. And now readying myself emotionally for the banana wolves.

A wave of relief washes over me: Germany wasn't as bad as it could have been. No last place, this time around, I'd guess.

I wanted to like Iceland, but... No.
Moldova sounds like Norway looked like. A definite "no".


Norway's artists taking a good sniff at the magenta clad host: Best scene so far.

I like the lyrics of Australia, but the song doesn't pull me in as much as some others

Watching who in the greenroom is cheering and celebrating or just fooling around - and who isn't. Heartbreaking.

Serbia would have had even more impact if I hadn't been 'spoilered' beforehand. Not a song I would like to hear on a daily basis, but an effing impressive performance.

Can we have Serbia and Norway in the top three, please? France, Finland or Spain could certainly fill up any leftover spots.

Oh, they are only reading out the "twelve points". When did that change? This will shorten the whole procedure dramatically!

How is UK leading? It was an ok song, but not that good...

Germany being solidly at the bottom is no surprise ;)

Having previous winners read out the national jury results has a bit of a vibes: Results, live from the victors's village ;)

Eurovision was always multilingual - but unlike in the 80ies, I am now able to understand a good chunk more ;)

Since Germany got 6 points from the public vote, and 0 from the jury vote, it's clear it will end on last place. Somebody should edit Wikipedia.

First place doesn't surprise me, but second place did.
Also, I think I have one or two people whose music I want to buy now!

I ended up voting with my money - and the songs I bought were actually not all in my list of favorites.

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