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I am so excited for this upcoming symposium that we're hosting at McGill

I was in the middle of teaching a class, trying very hard to answer a student's question. My alarm went off and I woke up from the dream very frustrated that it had prevented me from finishing responding to the student. It's been a full week.

The Internet lost a hero today. EFF is mourning the loss of our visionary co-founder, John Perry Barlow.

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Wow, sitting in a barbershop, with a 1972 National Geographic and i saw this ad. Feed your kids sugar, it's good for them.

I'm enjoying some ideas from reading this Aeon article about quantum entanglement of time. Or maybe the author wrote them for me to enjoy reading.

On interactive documents: “Informed readers need the ability to draw their own conclusions. The act of reading a paper in 1974 & the act of reading a paper in 2017 shouldn’t be the same act.” - Nature

The punk rock internet – how DIY ​​rebels ​are working to ​replace the tech giants

Today, in The Guardian:

“I got into the web because I liked the democracy of it,” says Kalbag, who has just published a book titled Accessibility for Everyone… “I want to be able to be in a society where I have control over my information, and other people do as well … I think we have to have technology that serves everybody – not just rich, straight, white guys.”

A killer whale said "hello." Cool study on whale-learning and dialects, etc. but the audio clip cracks me up.

What IFLA is doing to shift toward providing the skills and tools to help people make sense of huge amounts of digital information.

Here's a mainstream opinion piece on why Canada needs to develop a national data strategy to keep things in the public interest (rather than closed corps). Interesting also due to the fact that it's written by a former RIM CEO, Jim Balsillie.

Defending Internet Freedom through Decentralization : Back to the Future?

The paper gives case studies of a number of decentralized projects: #FreedomBox, #Diaspora, #Mastodon, #Blockstack, #IPFS (Interplanetary File System), #Solid (Social Linked Data), #Appcoins and #Steemit.

There are good standards publishers but I keep bumping up against ones doing bad business. Me: "a student wants to study this standard, I'd like to buy it for our library." Publisher: "We own the copyright and the only person that can read is the one that pays." Me: We're a library, that doesn't make sense." Publisher: "Tough." So they lose a sale and the student cannot learn/research. Student now unfamiliar & unlikely to use that standard/publisher in the future. Standard becomes value-less.

I had a request to mirror Project Gutenberg Canada ebooks, as I was thinking about posting when new ones became available

And then I thought: WHY NOT MIRROR ALL OF THEM

So here is a Dat archive that contains all the Public Domain ebooks from Gutenberg Canada:


(Warning: books that are in the in Canada may still be under copyright where you are)

Call for Proposals from librarians for the True North Science Boot Camp 2018 . Submission deadline for proposals is Feb. 12 by 9 AM. More information available here

I can’t resist news about the Voynich Manuscript - A computer science researcher at the University of Alberta has tried a new approach, using AI to help decipher the manuscript. The manuscript may be written in Hebrew and use some techniques to complicate deciphering it.

These volvelles (paper "computers") from the 1500s are fascinating

Predicting how new meaning emerges might improve natural language processing systems. This is a really cool study on how humans have developed metaphors over a millenia -

Good read about the way engineers overcame a variety of difficulties creating the new Queensferry Crossing bridge in Scotland