Concordia Library's 20th annual Research Forum, which recently concluded, now has the presentations available online from our site: (video recordings and slides)

The plenary session was a conversation on racial capitalism and knowledge production in LIS.

I enjoyed a session involving some Rwandan history from archival work with Lisa Ndejuru and Kristen Young ("Waking our Stories")

Bread is among my favourite things. A long time ago, traveling through Transylvania, I remember discovering this treat of coiled bread (chimney cake). It was really exciting when this shop opened a few blocks from me in Montreal (rue Rachel) specialising in these.

Our parent org, Freedom of the Press Foundation, is now also home to Dangerzone, a tool developed by @micahflee that lets you convert potentially dangerous PDF files, images, and office documents into safe PDFs:

As part of this transition to FPF stewardship, we're also looking for a part-time developer for Dangerzone (6 month contract, $40K fixed budget, schedule is yours to propose). If you're interested, please consider applying!

Clinical trials that were terminated, suspended or withdrawn citing Covid-19 as the reason explicitly

There's a long tail to this graph

Data source:

Sometimes, like in today's heat, I look at it with a yearning to press a button. Yet, it's just out of reach. Perhaps I should merely be thankful that I can rely on a service where someone will push that button my behalf.

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This is the thermostat in my office. I am the only person that uses the office but there's a locked plastic box around the thermostat so that I will not adjust it. To change the temperature, I put in a request to our facilities people and in a few days they send a person to come unlock it and push the button to adjust the temperature for me. They re-lock it before leaving.

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👋 Hello! This profile will share news and updates from 'The Turing Way' - an open source, open collaboration, and community-driven project which maintains and expands The Turing Way handbook to reproducible, ethical and collaborative data science: #no-xp

Forgot to put this in the public timeline so--my presentation "Beyond Implementation: Positioning Maintenance as a Core Commitment in Libraries" is up on the CNI website:

and the full text is up on my site because text is better than video IMO:

Do you use #OpenRefine? Then help the community by filling in the two-yearly user survey. More answers from people doing #datajournalism and #openscience would be especially valuable, so please boost if you have followers in those fields.

I know very little about nuclear energy. What I really would like to understand is why, when new nuclear energy is proposed (like the small modular reactors in Canada) why do they always seem to focus on uranium? In my very very superficial understanding it seems like thorium waste becomes safer much more quickly than uranium, poses fewer other problems, and is more plentiful. That it doesn't seem to be talked about in popular news on the subject makes me think, am I missing something?

Want a distraction? Have a go at This Is Just Infinite, an endless deformance of William Carlos Williams' internet-famous poem, "This Is Just To Say." Features both an automatic and manual mode!

Creative Commons global report on the state of journalism. 

The Creative Commons published its global report on the state of . I haven't had a chance to read all of it yet but it has info regarding business models and problems with ensuring open access content and what can prevent quality journalism.

As I was showing some people what markdown is today, I remembered that just a few years ago I felt like it was a useless thing and that I might as well just use HTML. I'm not sure what shifted in my head there but now I just want everything in markdown.

I've updated my list of open educators on Mastodon at and now tuning in for my first #oer22 session of the day with CUNY folks talking about their great Commons in a Box platform as open courseware

I use machine learning to study literary history, and especially to reveal long-term trends that are otherwise hard to perceive. I teach both in the School of Information Science and in the Dept of English at the Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Hi folks, I'm a librarian in the UK, working in a university in the north of England. I support students on nursing and allied health courses primarily. I'm interested in user experience research, my PhD was ethnographic based methodolgy looking at library space design and use.

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