New tab in Firefox browser this morning had this little message at the bottom: "Blink182 is one of the most common passwords that has been hacked. If that's your password, you now have TWO reasons to change it." I think that's reason enough to use Firefox.

Levitated the evening on a Godspeed You! Black Emperor show. I could've been lost in there for weeks, except outside the hall things are as they were.

Hello! You may have heard about #Retribute, a project we're developping whith the Funkwhale collective and as part of our mission.

It's a set of lightweight standards and an app built from the ground-up to help you support creators on fedi and elsewhere, according to your activity and your budget.

Yesterday, we've launched our official website at! Our next milestone is to finish the first drafts for the specifications.

If you want to help with that, or simply want to know more about the project, we have weekly meeting at and you can of course ask us any question you may have here!

cc @sporiff @robin @GinnyMcQueen

For International Project Muse has put up a curated bibliography of books and journals relevant to the theme of equity in :OpenAccess:

Next week the Concordia University Library has a great line-up of events for . I'm offering a session on Using and Sharing Content with Licenses. Most of our events are open to everyone (in Montreal): spread the word and join us!

intellectual liberty 

Lisa Lamont's digitization work in project really stands out among the wonderful talks at 2019 . Letters from imprisoned migrants will prove important for things that we haven't even imagined. Complexity of the ethical issues to grapple with is immense. Repercussions? Identification via unique travel routes? What does repetition among routes tell us? Letters made public are good or will there be repercussions in the migrants' home? For-profit prisons? Ahh!

Heading to Florida in a couple days to present at the 2019 (Digital Library Federation). I attended for the first time last year and was impressed by how well organized it was and the great variety of interesting topics. One of my colleagues and I have a brief talk based on our digital scholarship needs gathering work at Concordia.

Climate March; Strong language; Photo of a Trudeau sign where it's like he's looking at you 

Half a million people marched in our city!

This was important & inspiring... walked with family and friends in Montreal. Appreciated hearing Greta Thunberg's words encouraging so many people at the end

Canada politics :BoostOkay: 

If you're in a teaching role (or other academic sort of position) beware of M-Journal citations. It's a fake article generator based on Wikipedia content. It's designed to give a realistic appearance. The link is: and there is an article about it here

Though always well-considered, Thunberg’s recent speech powerfully conveys the urgency in which we all (every person and government) needs to act.

Transcript in The Guardian:

Waiting at a carwash the other day, my son (8) read the choices.
Son: Why does it say hashtag 1, hashtag 2, hashtag 3..."
Me: That only started to mean hashtag in recent years, usually it means number.
Son (now indignant): Well then how did they used to say hashtag?

Check out our prototype pipeline that discovers/captures/archives artifacts that researchers of the fictive organization deposit in web portals

A prof wanted his class to build a collaborative annotated bibliography on the semiotics of nuclear waste. I had the class use Zotero's group functionality within the context of learning search strategies, being critical of sources, etc. and then to actually create the bibliographies... and it worked really nicely! It seems like so often, technology has glitches and difficulties, which get in the way, so it's refreshing when it just supports exactly what you want people to get from it.

Crowd-sourced publishing... nice post from the Library and Archives Canada blog discussing an example

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