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"The Santa Barbara Statement on Collections as Data poses these questions and suggests a set of principles for thinking through them, as part of a community effort to empower cultural heritage institutions to think of collections as data and consequently to explore what might be possible if cultural heritage seen in this light was more readily open to computation."

Just came from a great talk by Shannon Vallor (for Concordia's digital futures series)... talked about offloading authority on machines, what it takes to trust (or not) AI. Strikes me that there is no trusting of AI since it cannot have emotion or agency and I think I need what or who I trust to have those. Any way, I'm curious to read her book now... Technology and the Virtues

It's Bicycle Day
After 75 years plus who knows how many many many more with other psychedelic substances in various cultures, we still have broad misconceptions and lack of knowledge about these substances. We need to remove irrational political/legal barriers to their study and positive use.

This may be obvious but stands out for me after changing careers some years ago from corporate to academic. In the corporate sphere, I studied competitors, did CI, but would never have reached out to openly discuss operations, strategies, etc. Yesterday a librarian from a nearby university reached out to me to discuss reference services—and I've done similar things to other libraries. I really appreciate being able to have such open, helpful conversations across institutions.

Who would not want to see a six-hour snail ballet? Too bad I can't go to the full performance, maybe I'll just play this clip on a loop for a day.

I'm #reading about the latest #EU #copyright proposals as seen from the perspective of #CreativeCommons. Apparently, #LinkTax and constraints on sharing without remuneration have been mooted.

Vollmer, Timothy. “Head of Copyright Committee Wants to Deny EU Creators the Right to Share.” Creative Commons (blog), March 29, 2018.

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Just was introduced to this Conserve the Sound Project, which has recordings of the sounds produced while interacting with a large variety of old devices. For example, typing on a typewriter or opening the lid of a laptop. I'm glad that people have thought to pay attention to these otherwise ephemeral sounds.

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Hey #librarians, #librarystudents, #archivists #curators ... the GLAMMrus (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Memory Institutions, and Records Managers) instance is open to registration and tooting! we are!

More about us here:

We really want to welcome all kinds of folks working in this general area for professional and ordinary convos! Public, academic, big, small... students, techy types, reference wizes, circ workers come on over!

Just read a Nature article on EU copyright reform & potential problems w/ respect to open science (probably not only science though). I'm curious to get more context after the article stated that the reform would "let publishers claim royalties for the use of snippets of information, such as tables or headlines". That sounds like a significant overreaching of what ought to be acceptable--worrisome restriction on freedom of expression and research discourse.

Always sounds a bit pointless to me, when I say I love walking--most of us walk. But a lot of times people just walk for function, missing the pleasure in it. I love reading essays, etc. on walking too. This article had a mention of an "audio-walk" by Janet Cardiff, which I feel I need to try now.

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"A century of #agnosticism about the true #natureofmatter hasn’t found its way deeply enough into other fields, where #materialism still appears to be the most sensible way of dealing with the world and, most of all, with the #mind.

Some #neuroscientists think that they’re being precise and grounded by holding tightly to #materialist credentials… But this conviction is out of step with what we #physicists know about the #materialworld."

#nondualism #consciousness

Intelligence artificielle : un organisme mondial, mais pour quoi faire ?

S'il est encore tôt pour juger de l'intérêt et de la pertinence de l'Organisation mondiale de l’intelligence artificielle (Omia) que le Québec souhaite créer et installer à Montréal, des questions à son propos peuvent être soulevées (…) DeepMind, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Samsung et Thales par exemple, ont toutes choisi d’investir dans le secteur de l’IA à Montréal.

I happened on this Mastodon instance for board games

Although I don't have a vast collection of board games, I love a few abstract strategy ones and like to try new ones.

I also conceived one a long time ago so of course had to make an account for it. :-) @adomoc

What if Facebook is so evil because Zuck dropped out before they could teach him ethics