Anyone worked/published with a micropublication? I'd be curious to know what kind of value you found in it. I went to a talk a while ago about and how they got the publication going (working on peer review, becoming reputable, etc.). Not sure that I'm going anywhere with this but it keeps circling in the back of my mind what some other possibilities for micropublications might be.

@jc I am not sure what "micropublications" are but maybe look at the Journal of Open Source Software?

@vickysteeves Thanks, that looks like it's working on the micropublication path. My understanding is that micropubs are essentially small components that are useful on their own or could be used within other articles, maybe taking from a day to month to peer review. They can also have the effect of opening publication opportunities up to people that might not otherwise be able to.

@arjen Oh interesting! A nanopublication network, that's a very neat layer.

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