Bread is among my favourite things. A long time ago, traveling through Transylvania, I remember discovering this treat of coiled bread (chimney cake). It was really exciting when this shop opened a few blocks from me in Montreal (rue Rachel) specialising in these.

This is the thermostat in my office. I am the only person that uses the office but there's a locked plastic box around the thermostat so that I will not adjust it. To change the temperature, I put in a request to our facilities people and in a few days they send a person to come unlock it and push the button to adjust the temperature for me. They re-lock it before leaving.

This starfish travelled to Montréal, fulfilling its life's greatest dream. It expired moments before being able to cross the fence and ride the red slide. A moment of silence.

One of the coolest displays I've seen: with my son at the et Archives nationales du Québec (BAnQ). I walked right past but at my son's eye-level, he spotted it. Just in the stacks, a little projector hides behind some cut-out books and projects ghosts onto this display, which appear to glow.

This was important & inspiring... walked with family and friends in Montreal. Appreciated hearing Greta Thunberg's words encouraging so many people at the end

Typewriter viscera 

Operated on my Olympia Splendid 66 tonight. Some keys stopped before making it to the platen. This grooved metal piece (not sure what it's called) wasn't aligned. Rather than sliding into the grooves, the typebars hit the raised tongue portions of the metal. It was really hard to get to. Though it now works again, I need to find out how to secure this grooved metal piece so that it doesn't get out of place in the future.

I walked past this cemetery and noticed their sign. I hadn't realized what a problem vigilante shrub planters can be.

Inspiring start to the 2018 Digital Library Federation Forum w/ a talk by Anasuya Sengupta about decolonizing the Internet, good thinking on the perspectives producing & access knowledge. I'm hearing lots of interesting digital scholarship work, & nice to see the Concordia Library with so many other new DLF members welcomed.

dog vs. focus 

This creature neither understands nor cares that I'm finishing up some research leave. Lunch is over, back to work.

The price of being (a dog). Don't look so forlorn, I told him. Work hard, save your money, you'll pay it off in no time.

Wow, sitting in a barbershop, with a 1972 National Geographic and i saw this ad. Feed your kids sugar, it's good for them.

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